Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, We're Going to The Zoo

We went to our first parent's night at daycare last night. It was fun to visit the Mobile Infant room, which Murray is in the process of transitioning to. Currently he spends about an hour over there each day, and will be there full time after the Fourth of July. It's kind of sad to think that he won't be in the nursery anymore, but exciting to watch him grow and change.

Murray had his first "biter biscuit" last night. What fun we had. Who knew these silly little cookies could bring so much joy? They don't taste too bad either. I had a nibble and was pleasantly surprised.

Craig and I both love zoos. We are on a quest to find the best zoo ever. We visit zoos whenever we travel, but Craig swears his favorite is the Bismarck zoo. I love Como Park and the MN state zoo, among others. We were disappointed with Chahinkapa when we visited last spring, but it was better than nothing. Today we are taking Murray to the Red River Zoo. I realize it's even smaller than Chahinkapa, but it should still be a fun family outing. Murray is at the age now that he gets a huge kick out of animals, so we're excited to see how he will react to creatures other than our pets. In honor of Murray's first zoo trip, I made the mistake of singing him the Zoo Song by Raffi this morning, and now I can't get it out of my head for the life of me! It's driving me a little crazy. Then again, I'm already a bit crazy so a little more crazy shouldn't hurt.

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