It's True

I went back to work outside the home today.  I know, I know, don't fall over when you read this; it's true.  I really did it.  And I couldn't be happier.

It all began when Murray started school this fall.  I was ever so tired of sitting here at home, twiddling my thumbs.  So, I decided to volunteer at Murray's school, a Catholic school, which Craig and I believe very deeply in.

I immediately fell in love being there each day.  I had a purpose again, and that purpose suited me perfectly (selfish as it sounds); the hours were perfect and so was the work.  I got to help kids in the lunch room, assist the school's administrative assistant, and give basic first aid to the kids in the nurse's office.

One snowy morning about three weeks ago, while driving Murray to school, I offered up special prayers that a position at St. Joseph's Catholic School would open.  God was quick on answering this particular prayer.  As soon as I walked into the cafeteria for my volunteer shift, the current head cook explained that she was leaving for a different job. 

I immediately applied for the head cook position, and impatiently awaited the interview process, knowing in my heart that this was for me.  After all, I love children, I love to cook, and most importantly, I love that Murray spends each day in an environment that cherishes God.  I wanted to be a part of this great community.

Last week, I was offered the job. I accepted.  Thank you, to my dear friends who offered up prayers on my behalf.  You know who you are.

Anyway, today was my first day.  I knew I would love it when I applied, but now, I love it even more.  Yes, I'm sure there will be days that are trying, but that happens with any job.  That said, my soul truly feels fulfilled.  I have waited for this for a very long time. 

How awesome is it to be able to go to church, work, and your kid's school at the same time, all while providing healthy meals for children? 

It's pretty darn awesome.

My Personal Symphony

I'm not usually awake at this hour, but well, here I am.  Wide awake.  Here's why:

I crawled into bed tonight and snuggled in.  The house was cozy and dark, and locked up tight, but still, I couldn't sleep. It was too noisy!

Murray was breathing heavily from his room across the hall, Craig was gently snoring (in my ear and not so gently), and Rudy, well, he was exhausted and groaning with happiness while lying on my feet.  The wind was howling, competing with the roar of the furnace.

So, I drowned out the noise (or tried to) and said my prayers.  And then, it occurred to me.  It might be noisy, but it's my very own symphony.   These are the sounds that my loved ones make, and I couldn't be more grateful.  It's my lullaby. 

Sweet dreams.