Big Momma, Big Murray, & REALLY BIG THUNDER

Yesterday, as I was pretending to be a human jungle-gym, Murray wrapped himself around me and cried, "OH, big Momma!" If I hadn't just re-joined Weight Watchers, I may have been a bit upset by the comment. But then, just this morning, I had a "eureka" moment.

Murray and I were snuggling on the couch while I waited for the coffee to finish brewing. When it was ready, I slid off the couch and said, I'll be right back, Murray. I'm going to get some coffee". He looked back at me with those big brown eyes of his and said, "Momma, coffee too me". "You can have water or milk, but you are too little to drink coffee", I replied. He chose water, and I went to the kitchen to fill our cups.

Later, I handed him his water and settled in for a few more peaceful moments of coffee and Murray. Out of nowhere, I heard: "eee ig, Mama, eee ig." Completely confused, I asked hm to show me what he was trying to tell me. He hopped off the couch, stood tall, raised his arms and yelled, "ME BIG, MAMA, NO LITTLE! He had to repeat himself several times because I was laughing so hard.

Last night, when the tornado sirens sounded, Craig carried a sleeping Murray downstairs where we would wait out the storm. I carried: a flashlight, 3 pillows, 1 Pooh Bear, 1 Moose, 1 Puppy Dog, one quilt and Murray's blanket, all while trying to coax two spooked golden retrievers and one large cat down the stairs. Not only is Rudy afraid of thunder, but he's terrified of stairs. Two or three are okay, but ask him to go down a flight and he locks up and won't move. Sheesh. Anyway, the storm passed, we hauled everyone back upstairs and settled in. Murray kept talking about BIG thunder and it took us a while to get him to relax. Finally, sleep came. . .until "REALLY BIG THUNDER"! I sat straight up in bed; Craig mumbling something about a transformer. I don't know that I've ever heard thunder that loud. While driving to daycare this morning, we discovered that a huge tree to the north of us had split in two and lost a limb. My guess is that's what the "REALLY BIG THUNDER" was about.

Moral of the story: Murray is big enough for coffee, I am big enough for Weight Watchers, and well, neither one of us is big enough for "REALLY BIG THUNDER"!

Sleep? What is That?

I went to bed at 8:00pm last night and I don't think I moved a muscle until 6:00am this morning. I take that back, when Craig got up with Murray to go to the bathroom, little one crawled in with us and I did get stabbed by toenails once. But for sleeping that long, I wasn't bothered.

I don't know why I've been so exhausted lately. Life is grand; my family and friends are great, my job is great, I'm eating good foods, even exercising (a small amount) I'm happy. . .so what's the missing link? Maybe it's just adjusting to a new job, though the transition itself has been smooth. And no, before you ask, I'm not pregnant. Then again, maybe it's just that time in life when a person is on the go until you collapse into bed, only to wake up and do it all over again. Oh, don't get me wrong - this is life and I love it - I'm just tired. I'll chalk it up to chasing Murray around, and that's the part I wouldn't trade for anything.

That said, I'm taking a break tonight. I have a sitter and a date with a girlfriend (and former boss). I can't wait to see her (she does a fantastic Grover imitation) and catch up. We'll make it an early night, so hopefully, I won't be complaining about being tired tomorrow.

I read a sad article today about a man who "doesn't exist". Apparently, some Burger King employees discovered him outside their dumpsters one morning, wearing only his briefs and having no idea who he was or where he came from. This was in 2004, and experts across the country have worked on his behalf. He's the only missing person reported missing that's not actually missing. Apparently he's a bright, charming and kind individual, he just doesn't know who he is. Talk about a real-life soap opera. If you get a chance, google "the man who doesn't exist". It's fascinating.

It's quitting time, and I have to lock up. Hope all is well in your world - count your blessings!

Hot Spots

I started this post last night, but was too tuckered out to finish, so I'm taking a few minutes of my lunch break to finish.

We are battling hot spots (skin lesions that are caused when the dog licks his/herself too much)with Nala and Rudy. Nala is beyond help, but Rudy has one small spot that we are hoping to stop before it gets the point of no return. I cut up a pair of pantyhose and that worked for a while, but then Nala ate it. We'll keep on them both, but now we have another problem: eating of the pantyhose.

Craig, Randi and Mary traded taking the the boys last week, since our "Lynnie" was on vacation. I, also, had them both on Saturday morning. We've found that it's easier to have them both - despite the fights - than it to have one. They play together and we only have to step in occasionally to break up a boxing match. I expected tears when I dropped Murray off at Lyn's house today, but he literally pushed me out the door and then slammed on my toe. Sheesh.

The event at President Edna's house went well. In fact, it was a bit reminiscent of my Food and Beverage Management days. I had fun connecting with those I knew through Craig, and was pleased to meet those I haven't. There is so much expertise and wisdom amongst the retirees - it was quite an experience.

I'm off to work on the next event - a BBQ for Greater Moorhead Days. Let the planning begin!
Have a fantastic Monday.

Changes, Fish and Other Random Thoughts

I know, I know, it's been forever. I believe I'm back in the swing of things. It takes time to adjust to many changes at once. What changes, you ask? Here you go:

I was happily employed part-time at GPIM, when I received a call from Human Resources at MSUM. Turns out, a position that I was in the running for two years ago opened up, and they asked if I would come in and interview. I did, got the job and two weeks later was off and running. My official title is Office and Administrative Specialist, Office of the President. Isn't that a hoot? I miss GPIM, but I'm having a ball now that I'm a dragon. My days are exciting and busy. Tonight I am to attend President Edna's annual Garden Party. She hosts a gathering at her home annually for MSUM's retirees. Since one of my responsibilities is to work closely with the Retiree Association, it's appropriate that I go and network. I'm looking forward to my first MSUM event. Bonus: Craig and I can have lunch together, and even walk to work together.

I suppose not much has changed, really, although I went from being unemployed, then employed full-time, then employed part-time and now I'm employed full-time again all in a few short months. That's a lot of transition in my book!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend at the lake, despite packing everything but the kitchen sink. I remember the days when Craig and I would throw a small suitcase in the car, load up the dogs and off we went. These days, the truck is so packed there almost isn't room for us. Craig even purchased a trailer that hooks on the back so that we have more room. Even so, I'm usually squished in the passenger seat holding equipment and/or suitcases. Good thing it's only a 45 minute drive.

Speaking of the lake, the fish have really been biting this year. Either that, or we've been lucky. Last weekend I caught a 3-pound bass, and Craig and I both caught several northerns'. We didn't keep any this time around, but that just means they are back in the lake to catch again!

I think that's it for now. . .I better get to work. It's gonna be a long day. Have a happy and safe weekend!