Hot Spots

I started this post last night, but was too tuckered out to finish, so I'm taking a few minutes of my lunch break to finish.

We are battling hot spots (skin lesions that are caused when the dog licks his/herself too much)with Nala and Rudy. Nala is beyond help, but Rudy has one small spot that we are hoping to stop before it gets the point of no return. I cut up a pair of pantyhose and that worked for a while, but then Nala ate it. We'll keep on them both, but now we have another problem: eating of the pantyhose.

Craig, Randi and Mary traded taking the the boys last week, since our "Lynnie" was on vacation. I, also, had them both on Saturday morning. We've found that it's easier to have them both - despite the fights - than it to have one. They play together and we only have to step in occasionally to break up a boxing match. I expected tears when I dropped Murray off at Lyn's house today, but he literally pushed me out the door and then slammed on my toe. Sheesh.

The event at President Edna's house went well. In fact, it was a bit reminiscent of my Food and Beverage Management days. I had fun connecting with those I knew through Craig, and was pleased to meet those I haven't. There is so much expertise and wisdom amongst the retirees - it was quite an experience.

I'm off to work on the next event - a BBQ for Greater Moorhead Days. Let the planning begin!
Have a fantastic Monday.

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