Dear Nook People

Dear Barnes and Noble People From Whatever Country I Just Called,

Thank you for keeping me on hold for twenty minutes.  I was able to get a lot of work done while I waited for you to answer.

I also appreciate the politeness of the customer service representative that I spoke with although I think I could have understood sign language over the phone better than I could understand what you were trying to say to me (but you probably feel the same way, so it's not really your fault).

What I don't understand is that you continually put me on hold (yes, three times, check the records) to ask the "expert of consumer management" while I patiently wait for my problem to be solved.  I also don't understand that when I asked for a tracking number after the first two times of being on hold, you told me that the "expert of consumer management" declared that a confirmation number wasn't necessary, and that if my product wasn't delivered in 2-3 more days that I should call you back; again.

There are worse problems in the world than my accesorries being shipped on time.  So I hope that all of you in Minot and the surrounding communities are safe, and know that you are in my prayers.  God bless you.    

Before I sign off for today, I have to give DH credit; after working on the yard (the only 2 times he's been home this week), he's had to cancel twice in the middle of a project to make sure that the baby birds are okay.  He's had mama birds dive him twice and been yelled at a lot.  Bird mamas are just like human mamas.  I would do the same.  The baby birds are safe, and it's number 1,543,600 of the reasons that I love this man. 

Happy Husband's Day!

Yesterday I took Murray shopping, explaining to him that Father's Day is on Sunday and that we were going to buy Daddy a gift and a card.  It was to be a surprise, and he was sworn to secrecy.

What was I thinking?

Shopping mission accomplished, Craig returned from meetings and Murray excitedly said, "Dad, we got you a present for Husband's Day!" We both cracked up and finally, a wounded Murray looked at us and sadly asked, "What's so funny?  Stop laughing!".  When we could breathe again, I asked Murray who his Daddy was to me.  "He's Craig, Mama", he replied. 

Oh dear. 

A ten minute conversation ensued while Craig and I attempted to discuss the dynamics that are a family, which led to a lot of "why's" and ended with "only mamas and daddies can kiss on the lips, you know."

I think we'll leave the rest of the birds and the bees talk for a much later date.  We can only hope we satisfied his curiosity, at least, until he's 25.

Happy Husband's Day!

A Mid-Summer's Update

It's hard to believe it's the middle of June.  It's been a very busy summer!  Here's the latest in the "Murray's Momma" household.

Sadly, we decided to find a new home for Kirby, our 5-year-old cat.  My allergies were worse than ever this spring, and unfortunately, Kirby's dander was a contributing factor.  A wonderful graduate student adopted him, and she takes extremely good care of him.  She even takes him on walks. I know he's getting the attention and love he deserves.

We still have both dogs, who thankfully, don't irritate my allergies.  Let's hope it stays that way. 

As much as we love relax at the lake on weekends, we haven't had as many lake days as we'd like this year.  A lot of this is due to the imminent state government shut down.  Craig has been busy with emergency meetings and phone calls.  Yesterday, we found out that Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU) will allow the colleges to use money that's in reserve in order to stay open.  This is of great relief not only for our family, but thousands of MNSCU employees across the state.  For the sake of the state, we are praying that Governor Dayton and the legislature will put politics aside and come to an agreement that is best for all.

Murray is growing and growing and talking and talking, and TALKING!  He's such a chatterbox that the only quiet time around our house is when he's asleep (and sometimes even in deep REM he's still yapping).  His latest favorite phrases include:  "Oh Yeah, oh yeah!", the words "and also" and "why?"  Sometimes, our conversations go like this:

Murray:     Mama, I LOVE you.
Me:            I love you too, Murray.
Murray:     Do you?  Oh, of course you do.
(this always cracks me up)

Or, there's this:

Me:           Murray, please brush your teeth, we're almost ready to go.
Murray:     Mama, the dentist said I have to brush my teeth 2 times, you know?

(I love it when he adds the "you know" at the end, although I'm sure someday, I'll regret it)

So while this sounds like a Christmas letter, I guess it's more of a mid-year update.  I will post again soon; next time, with pictures and hopefully, a stimulating conversation starter.  Stay safe and dry this weekend.  Until next time...TTFN.