Dear Nook People

Dear Barnes and Noble People From Whatever Country I Just Called,

Thank you for keeping me on hold for twenty minutes.  I was able to get a lot of work done while I waited for you to answer.

I also appreciate the politeness of the customer service representative that I spoke with although I think I could have understood sign language over the phone better than I could understand what you were trying to say to me (but you probably feel the same way, so it's not really your fault).

What I don't understand is that you continually put me on hold (yes, three times, check the records) to ask the "expert of consumer management" while I patiently wait for my problem to be solved.  I also don't understand that when I asked for a tracking number after the first two times of being on hold, you told me that the "expert of consumer management" declared that a confirmation number wasn't necessary, and that if my product wasn't delivered in 2-3 more days that I should call you back; again.

There are worse problems in the world than my accesorries being shipped on time.  So I hope that all of you in Minot and the surrounding communities are safe, and know that you are in my prayers.  God bless you.    

Before I sign off for today, I have to give DH credit; after working on the yard (the only 2 times he's been home this week), he's had to cancel twice in the middle of a project to make sure that the baby birds are okay.  He's had mama birds dive him twice and been yelled at a lot.  Bird mamas are just like human mamas.  I would do the same.  The baby birds are safe, and it's number 1,543,600 of the reasons that I love this man. 

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