Shake Your Money Maker: Featuring Murr-Man

I'm battling writer's block today. As my friend Roxane would say, the only cure for writer's block is B.I.C. - Butt In Chair. Unfortunately, B.I.C. isn't working so well for me today, so I'll post a video clip instead (I know, I know, I'm taking the easy route). Maybe I'll find some inspiration as the day progresses, but for now, I'll leave you with some kid-comedy. Don't forget to turn the sound up.

M & M's

Murray, myself, Jamie and Nadia had a special Mom/kid day. We began the day with Yunker Farm.. The two of them are hysterical, and Nadia is an absolute beauty.

After the kids wore themselves out, we went to McD's, which is a very special treat for Murray. He didn't care for his chicken, so he ended up eating my whole cheeseburger. After lunch, we went home and napped (me too).

I wanted to find something creative and fun after nap, so we wound up at "Clay Your Way". We had so much fun - we may go back tomorrow after church. Murray loves to paint.

We are going to be an aunt and uncle again. Craig's sister and brother in law just found out that they will be parents to a babe in December. We're all thrilled! In the mean time, if you are a facebook friend of Amy and Todd's, please don't post anything other than you are happy for them. The two of them are going to fantastic parents, and we are all thrilled to have a new addition on the way.

Cheers to the S's on their new their new arrival!
Check Spelling

I have a few more (or MOE in Murray speak) but unfortunatley my timing is off. I hope to be back at it very soon!

Special prayers to Dee Tangari (our great and talented) great aunt. We will miss you!

Marie, Criag and Murray Beckerleg


The guest of honor (aren't these 2 gorgeous women?):

We had so many silent auction items that we almost didn't have room for people to sit. Good thing we had a tent set up outside!

Some of our family:

The benefit was a HUGE success. Over 600 people attended and every single one of the 250 silent auction items sold (not to mention the many raffles). The outpouring of the community was amazing and I'm so grateful. Thank you to all of you who donated silent auction items, attended the benefit, made a monetary donation and who have kept Flynn and her family in their prayers. This is the John Deere pedal tractor that I bid on and won for Murray. It even comes with a front end loader and a trailer! He just loves it.

The next step is our grand prize raffle. For $10.00, you could win the following:
4 front row tickets to the Vikings vs. Phoenix game in Phoenix
Airfare for 4
2 nights lodging (2 rooms)
This is an awesome prize - if you would like to purchase a ticket, please contact me. They went on sale yesterday and are selling like hotcakes!!!

P is For Peace Garden

I think we have everything set for the benefit. It's been an awesome journey and I am so excited to raise the funds that the Murray family needs. Every penny will go towards Flynn's fund. The benefit should be a ton of fun; great food, wonderful people. and a ton of raffles and silent auction items. Please join us on Sunday!

Murray is a very silly boy. I've been wanting to tape videos of him, but our camcorder is missing. Plus, Criag keeps forgetting to bring the memory card home from work. We've missed a month of memories - I'm so sad. I can't wait to post pictures of him. He continues to learn new signs and words and his dancing is something that would make a group of the saddest people in the world laugh. I will post a video soon!

This afternoon we are taking Murray to the homecoming parade at MSUM. The last parade we attended he fell asleep, so we're hoping he will really enjoy this one.

Last night, my friend Roxane came over to visit and sign her book (for the benefit) "P is for Peace Garden". We had an awesome chat and are looking forward to many more. She is so amazing. Roxane is a mother of 5, a fantastic wife,mother of five, author and she sings too! Goodness, I'm lucky to have such a special friend who also has become my mentor. se

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Be There or Be Square

Just a quick update today. If you are free on Sunday, September 20, please join us at the American Legion in Moorhead for a spaghetti dinner, silent auction and live raffles for Flynn Murray from 4pm-8pm. It's going to be a blast and you can even get your Christmas shopping done early. You will be truly amazed at the items we've gathered. Hope to see you there!

Random Happenings

Where to begin today's post. First of all, we spent the weekend at home for the most part, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. On Saturday, Craig cooked a turkey (his first ever) and some good friends and my sister and her boyfriend joined us for football, Wii, dinner and cocktails. I do believe we all had a good time, but I can only speak for myself.

Saturday was my day to sleep in, so Craig and Murray went shopping. When I woke from a pleasant slumber, I discovered that Craig had re-arranged the house. I do like it, but long for more space!!! Most of the problem is that my crafting/scrap booking supplies take up a ton of room. I must find a system to organize it all, so it's not so daunting when I want to work on Murray's album, or even clean around it. However, I am so thankful for our home that it doesn't matter. I will find a solution; I just have to get creative (and motivated)! You should excuse the prose - I just finished re-reading Heidi, and I'm afraid I've caught the 1800's language bug.

On Sunday, we thought about heading to the lake, but decided to go to Buffalo River State Park instead. Our good friends and their daughter joined us. It was a beautiful day and we couldn't get the kids out of the water, even when their lips were blue and they were shivering. Unfortunately, our camera was out of juice, and for some strange reason, we can't find the video camera. We've searched and searched, to no avail. I sure hope we find it - how does one lose a video camera anyway? Maybe if I dig through my disorganized clutter it will turn up. In the mean time, I will pray the patron saint of missing items and hope he can help!

This week brings a busy week again, with hopes to head to the lake on Friday. In the mean time, I'll keep plugging away with a smile in my heart and on my face. Hurray for an abbreviated week. We still have until September 22 until summer is over!

Tonight I'm off to an event meeting and tomorrow another. A shout out to Dacotah Paper and the UPS Store, as well as many others (did I really just say that) for their donations for Flynn's benefit.

Later. . .

Addendum to Previous Post

It's 8:45pm on Friday night, and I'm happily at home. However, DH is SHOUTING on his cell phone - he doesn't understand that cell phones work just as well as a land line. . .then again, he did the same thing when we had a home phone. Sigh. If he wakes up little one, he will have to deal.

I was with the twins today, and boy are they growing. At 7 mos, Master Will is getting up on his hands and knees; slow and steady wins the race. Lady A. is doing the army crawl/roll and also gets where she wants to be. Both are chatting away; each day I'm with them brings something new. It's funny how quickly one forgets theses stages. Thank goodness for video cameras - it's hard to imagine Murray at the same age .

We are planning a quiet but fun-filled weekend at home. I, for one, am needing a weekend sans packing, loading, unpacking, packing, loading, unpacking and then laundry when we find our way home. I will miss G & G and the lake, but frankly, I'm just tired. We may decide to go on Sunday for the day.

The dogs went to Wags and Whiskers today for their quarterly groom. Rudy is hilarious -he prances around as if he were royalty when he's clean, brushed, and trimmed. Feeling good about yourself is important, even if you are of the canine variety.

Have a super three day weekend. Be safe and God bless.

Happy Labor Day

Have a fantastic and safe Labor Day weekend!

Quick Update

The last seven days have flown by. We had a long weekend at the lake, and I've been busy with evening events, work, and the twins. I'm hoping to find some free time soon to work on Murray's album. I really would like to have it caught up before Jen P. takes our 2 year pictures in November.

In the midst of all of this, I am working on the Flynn benefit commitee, as well as planning a 65th birthday party for a dear friend of ours. I had forgotten how much I love event planning!
Hmm. . .new career on the horizon?

Murray is doing a fantastic job at night - we're relieved and proud. If he does wake up, it doesn't take more than a few minutes of whining before he's back to sleep. I received my Goodnite Lite and as soon as I can find the direction to program the thing, I will implement it in his room. Craig doubts me and the Goodnite Lite, but my therapist said that it even works on rats. I expect it to take a couple of weeks, but I'm determined to prove Craig wrong. He has no faith in me!