M & M's

Murray, myself, Jamie and Nadia had a special Mom/kid day. We began the day with Yunker Farm.. The two of them are hysterical, and Nadia is an absolute beauty.

After the kids wore themselves out, we went to McD's, which is a very special treat for Murray. He didn't care for his chicken, so he ended up eating my whole cheeseburger. After lunch, we went home and napped (me too).

I wanted to find something creative and fun after nap, so we wound up at "Clay Your Way". We had so much fun - we may go back tomorrow after church. Murray loves to paint.

We are going to be an aunt and uncle again. Craig's sister and brother in law just found out that they will be parents to a babe in December. We're all thrilled! In the mean time, if you are a facebook friend of Amy and Todd's, please don't post anything other than you are happy for them. The two of them are going to fantastic parents, and we are all thrilled to have a new addition on the way.

Cheers to the S's on their new their new arrival!
Check Spelling

I have a few more (or MOE in Murray speak) but unfortunatley my timing is off. I hope to be back at it very soon!

Special prayers to Dee Tangari (our great and talented) great aunt. We will miss you!

Marie, Criag and Murray Beckerleg


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, hey, I remember the toddler room at Yunker Farm! I used to take my kids there oh so many years ago. Glad you had fun!

Marie said...

Thanks Roxane! I will definately go back. The price is right and the stimulation and learning is priceless!