Aloha from paradise! We're having a blast, relaxing in the sunshine. The weather has been on the windy side, but we aren't complaining. Especially after hearing reports of the weather in Minnesota! I was hoping to blog earlier in the trip, but we have to pay for Internet access, so we picked a day that we would all use it.

Murray did fairly well on the plane, although he cried on the ascent from Fargo to Minneapolis. From Minneapolis to Honolulu, which took close to nine hours, he had about a one hour stint of screaming about halfway through the flight. He FINALLY slept (much to the relief of other passengers) in Craig's arms for the rest of the flight and woke up as soon as we had begun our descent. He was like a new baby - laughing and clapping and looking out the window. Since then, he's been on and off. Craig and Troy (as Stef has dubbed them, "My Two Dads") took Murray to the on-call doc on Thursday. He wouldn't eat, wouldn't settle down and was running a fever of 102.7. He checked out fine and has been better since. He still has some fluid in his ears which makes him uncomfortable at times, but otherwise, he's been flirting with the wait staff, guests, and making friends on the elevator. Stef taught him how to push all the buttons on the elevator and wave at fellow elevator passengers, so elevator rides are quite a treat. He loves the pool and hates the sand, but we have a tent and lots of beach blankets for those times when we just can't resist the beach.

We have seen several whales from our lanai. It's mating season for Humpbacks right now, and they travel over 3,000 miles every winter from Alaska to Hawaii to make babies and give birth.
They are amazing to watch.

I haven't been this relaxed on a vacation in years. We are so laid back and as long as we work around Murray's schedule, our days and nights are wonderful. Today is a bit overcast, so we're going to visit the zoo and the underwater aquarium.

I'm praying the weather warms up for all of you in the midwest. We'll see you on Friday!

I will post some pictures later today, when the computer recharges. Stay tuned.

I Grew!

I always thought you were supposed to shrink as you aged, but according to my annual exam this morning, I GREW! Almost a whole inch. I can now say I'm 5' 2", compared to my former height of 5'1" and 3/4".

Murray is napping after a clean bill of health from the doctor. Nothing has changed, but they aren't so worried. We just have to keep an "eye" on his eye. The Dr's. are still mystified, but the meds seem to be helping. We were given the okay to travel.

The Lovejoy's are home safe and sound after a miserable journey home (see their latest post). I spoke with Kristine, and we hope to visit them before we leave on Sunday.

I'm off to take a nap. I'm so tired and still have lots to do. Happy Friday!

Eye Update

Murray's eye looked a bit better this morning, but we'll know more after his follow up visit this afternoon. He absolutely detests his antibiotics, so it takes two of us to administer the white goo through a dropper. Anyway, thank you to everyone for you concern! It's very much appreciated. I will keep you posted!

Today I plan to shop for our trip so that we can finish packing tomorrow. Since we leave so early, it must be done before we go to sleep. I have a whole list of things I need. Target, here I come!

I will continue to post while on vacation, though it will probably be less often. I am excited to share some fun pictures and adventures!

Eye Update

The only reason I'm posting these images is because if anyone else out there has experienced anything like this, I would appreciate your feedback. You can tell that his right eye is also very goopy. The physicians have ruled out pink eye because his irises are still white (see previous post if you haven't caught up yet).
This one was in the middle of lunch. His mouth is fine! :)
I'm off to a pedicure and hair cut and color. Yay for being pampered!

A Medical Mystery

Yesterday when I picked Murray up from daycare, his left eye was swollen and red - it looked like someone scraped it with sand paper. It was also full of goo. I took him to the walk in clinic this morning, and it took two doctors to look at him and investigate. Neither could come up with a definate answer, but they are thinking periorbital cellulitis, which is an infection in the eyelid. He received a high dose steroid shot, and will be on strong antibiotics for 10 days. He also has an ear infection. Hopefully that will be gone before we fly on Sunday. Our doctor requested that we see her again tomorrow so that she can take another look. Sheesh. If's true that it bad things happen in threes, I'm next. Sending prayers that we are all healthy by Sunday. The picture below doesn't do it justice. He turned his head right as the camera caught the shot.

This is the second time he's been "sort of" diagnosed with this, and it's in the opposite eye. We had a microscopic eye exam done a few months back, and his vision is better than 20/20. I didn't know that was possible. So, while we are trying to figure out the cause, we'll just give him lots of TLC.


Note: edited for missed words and other conundrums.

The morning started out a bit rocky. When I opened my eyes, I realized it was because the sun won the race to wake. We were still sleeping at 7:45! Yikes! Craig is ill, so I slept on the couch again last night. Murray was up on and off through the night teething, hence, an exhausting night. Anyway, Craig fed and dressed Murray while I prepared myself for the day. We arrived at daycare only about 20 minutes late, but on the way home I had to wait for a very slow train. Already late, and I still had to switch cars because I thought I had appointments this afternoon, so Craig would have to pick up Murray. Ironically, I found my long lost planner in the Grand Am, only to realize that all of my appointments are tomorrow and Friday! It all worked out well in the end or I would have been running around for no reason. I'm just glad to have my planner back. I was lost without it.

A quick clip of Murray - I believe it was recorded last weekend. Last night he tired of walking back and forth between Craig and I and toddled on his own all over the house. He is so funny. I feel for the poor dogs, because he doesn't care if they are in his way. He climbs over them, steps on their tails, and uses them for "support" while pulling their hair. We are working on the concept of gentle. They never complain, just silently put up with his antics, with the occasional "sigh", as if they are asking us why we ever brought this child into "their" home.

Pool Shark and Other Random Thoughts

Norman's was wonderful. The service was fantastic, the food and wine were outstanding and the atmosphere was breathtaking. Thanks M & D, for a super evening! We love exploring new restaurants with you! After we finished at Norman's, a game of pool was suggested, so we went to Bennigan's in Moorhead. I'm pretty sure I scared all of the diners around the pool table, because the cue ball kept flying off the table every time it was my turn to shoot. Let's just say that next time we play, we really should make sure to avoid people within a large radius of the pool table. I don't need a law suit. Pool shark, I am not.

The countdown is on for a couple of events this week. First for the Lovejoy's to return, and second, for vacation. I have a hundred things to do this week, and have misplaced my planner. I am completely lost without it. My appointments, lists, etc. are all in it. I miss you dear friend - please turn up soon.

However, the case of the missing planner is not as worrisome as the troubles my boss is having on vacation. He misplaced his wallet, and while he was able to put "holds" on his credit cards, etc., he doesn't have an ID to return home. Thankfully, he's in the US, but I'm not quite sure what the airline will say if his wallet doesn't turn up in time. We're hoping to hear good news from him today.

We had a fun day yesterday and Grandpa and Grandma B's. Murray and Owen were hilarious together. When Owen was 1lb. 10oz. at birth, we never dreamed he would be such a mischievous and assertive little boy. He loves to pull Murray's hair and take his cracker or toy, but we think it's great. I guess he had to be a fighter when he was born, so his personality makes sense. I just love him to pieces.

Happy Monday. I'm off to countdown the minutes.

Another Lesson in Parenting

In my attempt to use our new scanner at work, I scanned in some photos of Murray, but they were too small to post here. Apparently I need to read the manual.
Valentine's day is probably my least favorite holiday. I feel that we should celebrate our love for our loved ones 365 days a year, not just on February 14. Hence, Craig and I (as usual) did not make plans and decided against getting each other gifts. Yesterday, our good friends, M & D, called to invite us for dinner at Norman's on Saturday. We delightfully accepted. I've been aching to try Norman's since it opened and finally will get the chance. It will be a fun evening with friends, even though I'm not a fan of this particular "Hallmark Holiday".
Being it is the day before V-Day, Murray was supposed to dress in red today. I completely forgot to tell Craig, so when we arrived this morning, he was the only kid in the entire center (including teachers) who wasn't wearing red or pink. Worst of all, he was wearing orange! I just received a text from one of his teachers. They checked his extra clothes bin and found a red shirt. At least he isn't the strange kid in class.
Murray's signing is going very well. He know the signs for: more (his favorite), please, thank you, all done, and milk. He even will use them together, such as "milk please". We think he probably knows more signs than I mentioned, the problem is, Craig and I aren't as schooled in ASL as he is! He's teaching us. This comes as no surprise, since he's been teaching us many parenting lessons from the moment he arrived.
Speaking of parenting lessons, you would think that I would have the teething thing down by now. I couldn't figure out why Murray has been extra sleepy, waking at odd hours and all around cranky lately. This morning during a rather mild tantrum, I looked in his mouth and there it was; the cause of the recent moodiness. A rather large back tooth has emerged through very swollen gums. I should have know that he'd eventually get more than four teeth!
Congrats to the Lovejoy's, who received their sentencia and hope to be home by Wednesday. We are so excited to have our friends back and meet their new daughter, Mariana. We love you and miss you!

Ho Hum

We had a long night last night. Murray was awake sobbing from about 1am-3am. We tried all the old tricks, even snuggling with him on the couch; nothing would soothe him. I finally gave him some Tylenol, and he dropped off into a deep sleep until 7:30am. I know his ears are okay, but I'm thinking his throat must hurt. He wasn't feverish, so I don't know. I was just happy that something finally worked. Parenting brings so many mysteries. I wish I could read his mind.

This week is dragging. I think I have vacationitis. We aren't leaving until the 22nd, and until now, the time has gone quickly. It also doesn't help that work is painfully slow, so my short five hours here drag. Today I brought my book and will work my daily cryptoquip. I know, I sound pitiful. Woe is me. :)

I finally signed up as a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, so if you would like some information, please let me know. I promise never to solicit you, I'm just in this because I receive better prices as a distributor, and it's easier not to have to bother my friends L and C when I need something. I'm not trying to sell anything. :)

I'm off to waste more time at work. Even my post is boring today.

Blessed Weekend

It's been a wonderful Saturday. It was my day to sleep in, so I did, and when I woke up at 9:30, Murray was already down for a morning snooze. I took advantage and read in bed with a hot cup of coffee. After lunch we bundled up to go sledding and let dogs run, but it turned out to be too windy. I did take the dogs for a good run while Murray and Craig played with Grandpa and Grandma B.

I finally went to the tanning bed. I have this fear of tanning beds, but it's so worth it when we get to a sunny place to be able to stay in the sun. I tan very easily, so in two weeks, I'll be ready. We purchased a pop up tent for Murray to use on the beach, and we'll buy a little lawn chair when we get there. He's also geared with plenty of summer clothes, thanks to Grandma B. for hitting the clearance sales last fall. The hard part will be packing a carry-on for a toddler on and eight -and -a -half hour flight.

Tonight Craig and Murray are going to T's house for the Gopher game. I plan to lounge around and read, maybe watch a movie. Tomorrow is house cleaning day - it desperately needs a deep clean. It's strange how lax I've become about house work. It still drives me crazy to have a messy/dirty home, but I've realized that spending time with my family is my number one priority. The housework will always be there and in time, it will get done.

Many happy returns (says Pooh)!

Whirlwhind of A Week

Where to begin? So much has happened in the last week. I'm not sure where to start.

The most exciting news is that Murray decided it was time to walk on Tuesday evening. All night long he went back and forth between Craig and I across the living room. He's improving every day, and is even beginning to venture out on his own.

On Wednesday, I attended the funeral for Sonny Dump, a former colleague of my mom's. I was absolutely honored when the director of ND BCI (who was my mom's employer), and our long time family friend (another former colleague of mom's) requested that I sit with the law enforcement community. I sat in the first row behind the family, surrounded by whom I consider my heroes; those who work so hard to protect our communities and who loved and respected Sonny. It was a bittersweet day. It was wonderful to see so many of my mom's friends and colleagues, but under the circumstances, it was tough. Sonny and his family will continue to be in my prayers.

Last night, Mags and Chelle and I had girl's night. We went to the Silver Moon for cocktails, and then dinner at Tuscana. Both establishments were delightful! I overindulged, so to be safe, Maggie was kind enough to drive me home. Thanks, sister!

We are looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. I need to get organized so that when the time comes to pack, I'm ready. The countdown is on - only 15 more sleeps until we are on the plane to paradise.
I've been feeling empowered lately. It's a good feeling, and it's about time. I have really been making an effort to take better care of myself. I love going to the Y after work. I've started to feel less insecure and more comfortable with the facilities. I know it will take time and effort but I'll get there. Other than exercise, I've spent more time meditating and writing in my journal. I've also purchased many of the Bare Minerals cosmetics. I realize this sounds silly, but when I walk out the door every morning feeling put together and organized, I accomplish more and have more energy.

On a sad note, a former friend and colleague of my late mom's passed away on Friday evening. Our mutual friend, J, drove down to say goodbye the day before he passed, but I was unable to accompany him due to my sinus infection. While I didn't know him well, I did know him, and my mom worked closely with him throughout different stages in their respective careers. The funeral is tomorrow, and I will be blessed to pay my respects to such a dedicated and talented member of law enforcement world. God Bless you, Sonny, and give my mom a hug for me. I'm sure she'll show you the ropes of heaven.

I'm off to vacuum and prepare for my weekly piano lesson with M. If I don't vacuum first, she'll resemble a golden retriever by the time her lesson is over.