Aloha from paradise! We're having a blast, relaxing in the sunshine. The weather has been on the windy side, but we aren't complaining. Especially after hearing reports of the weather in Minnesota! I was hoping to blog earlier in the trip, but we have to pay for Internet access, so we picked a day that we would all use it.

Murray did fairly well on the plane, although he cried on the ascent from Fargo to Minneapolis. From Minneapolis to Honolulu, which took close to nine hours, he had about a one hour stint of screaming about halfway through the flight. He FINALLY slept (much to the relief of other passengers) in Craig's arms for the rest of the flight and woke up as soon as we had begun our descent. He was like a new baby - laughing and clapping and looking out the window. Since then, he's been on and off. Craig and Troy (as Stef has dubbed them, "My Two Dads") took Murray to the on-call doc on Thursday. He wouldn't eat, wouldn't settle down and was running a fever of 102.7. He checked out fine and has been better since. He still has some fluid in his ears which makes him uncomfortable at times, but otherwise, he's been flirting with the wait staff, guests, and making friends on the elevator. Stef taught him how to push all the buttons on the elevator and wave at fellow elevator passengers, so elevator rides are quite a treat. He loves the pool and hates the sand, but we have a tent and lots of beach blankets for those times when we just can't resist the beach.

We have seen several whales from our lanai. It's mating season for Humpbacks right now, and they travel over 3,000 miles every winter from Alaska to Hawaii to make babies and give birth.
They are amazing to watch.

I haven't been this relaxed on a vacation in years. We are so laid back and as long as we work around Murray's schedule, our days and nights are wonderful. Today is a bit overcast, so we're going to visit the zoo and the underwater aquarium.

I'm praying the weather warms up for all of you in the midwest. We'll see you on Friday!

I will post some pictures later today, when the computer recharges. Stay tuned.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, so good to hear from you from sunny (cloudy now) Hawai'i.
Make sure you read my post from Tuesday. You inspired my latest Forum column. :)