Another Lesson in Parenting

In my attempt to use our new scanner at work, I scanned in some photos of Murray, but they were too small to post here. Apparently I need to read the manual.
Valentine's day is probably my least favorite holiday. I feel that we should celebrate our love for our loved ones 365 days a year, not just on February 14. Hence, Craig and I (as usual) did not make plans and decided against getting each other gifts. Yesterday, our good friends, M & D, called to invite us for dinner at Norman's on Saturday. We delightfully accepted. I've been aching to try Norman's since it opened and finally will get the chance. It will be a fun evening with friends, even though I'm not a fan of this particular "Hallmark Holiday".
Being it is the day before V-Day, Murray was supposed to dress in red today. I completely forgot to tell Craig, so when we arrived this morning, he was the only kid in the entire center (including teachers) who wasn't wearing red or pink. Worst of all, he was wearing orange! I just received a text from one of his teachers. They checked his extra clothes bin and found a red shirt. At least he isn't the strange kid in class.
Murray's signing is going very well. He know the signs for: more (his favorite), please, thank you, all done, and milk. He even will use them together, such as "milk please". We think he probably knows more signs than I mentioned, the problem is, Craig and I aren't as schooled in ASL as he is! He's teaching us. This comes as no surprise, since he's been teaching us many parenting lessons from the moment he arrived.
Speaking of parenting lessons, you would think that I would have the teething thing down by now. I couldn't figure out why Murray has been extra sleepy, waking at odd hours and all around cranky lately. This morning during a rather mild tantrum, I looked in his mouth and there it was; the cause of the recent moodiness. A rather large back tooth has emerged through very swollen gums. I should have know that he'd eventually get more than four teeth!
Congrats to the Lovejoy's, who received their sentencia and hope to be home by Wednesday. We are so excited to have our friends back and meet their new daughter, Mariana. We love you and miss you!

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