I've been feeling empowered lately. It's a good feeling, and it's about time. I have really been making an effort to take better care of myself. I love going to the Y after work. I've started to feel less insecure and more comfortable with the facilities. I know it will take time and effort but I'll get there. Other than exercise, I've spent more time meditating and writing in my journal. I've also purchased many of the Bare Minerals cosmetics. I realize this sounds silly, but when I walk out the door every morning feeling put together and organized, I accomplish more and have more energy.

On a sad note, a former friend and colleague of my late mom's passed away on Friday evening. Our mutual friend, J, drove down to say goodbye the day before he passed, but I was unable to accompany him due to my sinus infection. While I didn't know him well, I did know him, and my mom worked closely with him throughout different stages in their respective careers. The funeral is tomorrow, and I will be blessed to pay my respects to such a dedicated and talented member of law enforcement world. God Bless you, Sonny, and give my mom a hug for me. I'm sure she'll show you the ropes of heaven.

I'm off to vacuum and prepare for my weekly piano lesson with M. If I don't vacuum first, she'll resemble a golden retriever by the time her lesson is over.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Do you give lessons, Marie? I didn't know that. Good for you for doing the Y thing. Maybe I'll bump into you there one of these days, though our hours are probably opposite.
Have a good rest of the week!