Note: edited for missed words and other conundrums.

The morning started out a bit rocky. When I opened my eyes, I realized it was because the sun won the race to wake. We were still sleeping at 7:45! Yikes! Craig is ill, so I slept on the couch again last night. Murray was up on and off through the night teething, hence, an exhausting night. Anyway, Craig fed and dressed Murray while I prepared myself for the day. We arrived at daycare only about 20 minutes late, but on the way home I had to wait for a very slow train. Already late, and I still had to switch cars because I thought I had appointments this afternoon, so Craig would have to pick up Murray. Ironically, I found my long lost planner in the Grand Am, only to realize that all of my appointments are tomorrow and Friday! It all worked out well in the end or I would have been running around for no reason. I'm just glad to have my planner back. I was lost without it.

A quick clip of Murray - I believe it was recorded last weekend. Last night he tired of walking back and forth between Craig and I and toddled on his own all over the house. He is so funny. I feel for the poor dogs, because he doesn't care if they are in his way. He climbs over them, steps on their tails, and uses them for "support" while pulling their hair. We are working on the concept of gentle. They never complain, just silently put up with his antics, with the occasional "sigh", as if they are asking us why we ever brought this child into "their" home.


Brad said...

I'm positive that Murray, at a little over 15 months, walks better than his dad.... Yup, I'm positive.

Marie said...

LOL, Brad. You are probably right!