I cried from joy, then pain, and then the ultimate gift that was you, when you happened.

I laugh.
I cry.
I laugh again.
I get angry.
I cry, but laugh again.
I get frustrated.
I laugh until I cry.
Tears of happiness.
Because you happened.

You and your Daddy are my world. 
You happened.
Your Daddy happened.
I cry again, tears of joy.
For you are a part of me.

I love you and will never stop.
Mama and Wife.

An Endless Night

Murray has been acting strange lately.  He's been complaining that his legs hurt, but we chalked it up to growing pains.  I haven't been feeling so hot either, so yesterday I took off work early to take a nap.  At around 3 p.m., our beloved "Linnie" (our daycare provider) called to report that Murray had a temp of 103-plus.  So I picked him up and called his doctor's office and they said to administer Tylenol and lots of fluids and to call if the fever rose to 104 degrees.  The strange thing was is that despite a pretty decent fever, he wasn't acting any differently.  Since he seemed okay, I left him with Craig and went into work for a while. 

We put him to bed after a dose of Tylenol, but I was worried, so I hunkered down on the floor in his room. I shouldn't have slept right next to his bed. At who knows what hour, I woke up to vomit.  And it Was. All. Over. Us.  I got us cleaned up, changed, and we moved to the living room; exhausted but wide awake.  A long movie and several hours later, it happened.  Again.  And one more time after that.  Needless to say, Murman and I did NOT get any sleep.   As the night wore on, I myself, was feeling worse by the hour.  My face felt (and still does) like it had enough pressure under my skin to burst, and then I realized that I too, had a fever.  Add sore throat and an ear ache and Murray and I are are physical wrecks. 

OH!  I forgot to mention some very exciting news.  Craig got the OK from his doctor yesterday to return to work with the understanding that he is not aloud to lift over 20 pounds, or do anything physical (like skating) for 6 months.  He was thrilled, and went to work immediately after his appointment.

Anyway, besides our immune system issues, we're doing well.  I apologize for a poor-pitiful-me post, but ask any member of my family: I get this way when I'm sick.  I turn into a huge baby, and even worse when my own baby is feeling sick too.

So today I'm chugging orange juice and Zi-Cam, and Murray is with my dear mother-in-law so that both of us can get some rest.  More to follow, but I'm going back to bed.