Let's Be Honest - Parenting Faux Pas

Have you ever had that parenting moment when you lost your cool?  I don't mean physically, of course.  I mean, that moment when you lost your patience and yelled at your child; words you wish you could take back?

I have to admit, I'm guilty.

We were on night six of Murray either a) refusing to go to sleep or b) climbing into our bed in the middle of the night.  We were sleep deprived and our kidneys were aching from being kicked by a four year old all night.

So much for our "no sleeping in our bed" policy. At 3 a.m., we just don't have the patience to fight it out.


Early one morning (very early, think 2 a.m.), I had moved Murray's mattress twice, carried ancient Nala down the stairs to go outside, carried her back up the stairs, and put Rudy out and back in. At last, I thought I would finally have a few precious hours of sleep.  But, as I was finally drifting off, I heard: "Mama, I don't want to sleep here."

Oh, good grief.

I wanted to scream, "Go the blankity blank blank to sleep!" (oh, I love you Samuel L. Jackson), but I restrained myself.  Instead, I muttered, "If you don't go to bed RIGHT NOW, I will call Santa and ask him not to come here on Christmas!"

 Thankfully, Murray didn't hear me, but still, I really hated myself at that moment. I am the absolute meanest Mommy in the universe.

After that, I didn't sleep either.

A Few Things

If you haven't noticed, I've been experimenting with background, font, and layouts with my blog.  I'm getting ready for my big debut on my own domain.  It's more complicated than I thought it would be...but the IT experts assured me that it would be worth it.  You can still find me here until I figure all of this out.

On another note, thank you so very much to those of you who have donated items to St. Gianna's maternity home.  I know how much your gifts will be appreciated.  I will be accepting donations until December 15th, and will ship donations boxes on December 16.  Hopefully, we can touch a whole lot of kids and mommies who so desperately need help.  Still needed are bathrobes (for the expectant mothers), aluminum foil, baggies, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, stamps, and gift cards (for groceries, supplies, etc).  Please consider helping these local women and children.  You can read more about St. Gianna's here.

Murray and I had our monthly 'date day' today.  Our special time together always includes breakfast out, a bit of shopping, lots of game playing, movies, books, puzzles, hot chocolate, popcorn and tons of snuggles.  He exhausts me, but it's so worth it.  These days are my favorite...I will cherish them forever. I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that as much as I love these days, I still look forward to nap time.  Which I'm off to now.  Because after that, it's time to play in the snow.


Four Years Old

Note:  I purposely did not show the faces of Murray's party guests, so as not to exploit children who aren't my own.  :)

Also, following is the addendum to this post.  I apologize for the delay.

When you were three, you loved to snuggle up with me and whisper secrets in my ear.

Not that you're four, you think it's great fun to give wet willies instead of whispering how much you love me.

When you were three, you loved to take a bath.
Now that you're four, you think baths are for babies and you prefer showers.

When you were three, Curious George made you laugh.
Now that you're four, you think tooting and smelly feet are hysterical. When you pass gass, you say, "Excuse me, a duck flew by." At least you say excuse me.

When you were three, we could answer your questions (kind of).
Now that you're four, you have us scratching our heads, searching for an answer that will suit you.

When you were three, you learned to count.
Now that you're four, you can do simple math. Yesterday you did 4-2=2 all by yourself. You are just like your Dad; you certainly didn't get the mathematical/analytical gene from me.

When you were three, you slept in your own room.
Not that you're four, you insist on sleeping on the floor in our room. You are so not sleeping in our bed. Unless you're sick.

When you were three, you weren't quite as independent.
Now that you're four, you play on your own more than you play with your Dad and me.

When you were three, your manners were impeccable.
Now that you're four, your're bossy and need to be reminded of good manners.
But, now that you're four, your Dad and I still think you are awesome. We love you, and always will.

But since your're four now, could you please remember to flush the toilet?

Happy 4th Birthday, Murray!
 Pony rides - introducing Izzy and Sari (Izzy is the pony)
 Battery Operated cars

Photo credit:  Troy (a.k.a. J.P. #2)

Special thanks to our friends and family who spent the afternoon with us.  Also, thanks to Dakota Carriage Company for bringing sweet Izzy to our home.  

St. Gianna's Maternity Home

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla was canonized in 1962 by Pope John Paul II.  She was a loving mother of four, who gave her life to save her youngest child. She was diagnosed with a painful tumor while pregnant.  Had she endured the surgery necessary to save her life, her baby would have died. 

From St: . Gianna, "I renew the offering of my life to the Lord. I am ready for anything as long as my baby is saved."

The ultimate sacrifice. 

Read more about St. Gianna here.  And here.

Stay with me please, I do have a purpose.

Years ago, my late Mom was transferred  (for work) to a small town in northern ND.  I visited her often, and my route from Moorhead, MN to Grafton, ND, led me through the tiny town of Warsaw, ND. While driving through Warsaw, I always admired the Catholic Church of Stainslaus.
File:Catholic Church in Warsaw, North Dakota.jpg

Each time I traveled through Warsaw, I couldn't help but notice a vacant brick building directly across the street from the church. 

Here it is:

Several years ago, Mom related to me that this building was being converted into a maternity home for pregnant women and teens in crisis.

St. Gianni's Maternity Home opened in 2003.  Since then, they have helped many pregnant women in crisis.  My Mom and I were both in awe at the generosity of the sisters and staff who opened this amazing place.

Recently, I felt the urge to do something to help the families that turn to St. Gianna's, so  I decided to start a fundraiser.  I realize that we're in a time of economic crisis, but really, even $2 would help. 

Some suggestions, according to the website:  Cleaning products, stamps (for postage), household items (i.e. toilet paper, plastic baggies (any size), paper towels, paper plates, etc..

That said, I would really like to be able to send these moms, babies, children, and staff a few gifts for Christmas.  It could be gift cards, a gently used toy, gently used clothing, pesonal items, or anything else you can think of.  Anything would be appreciated.

Please contact me with questions or comments.  I would love to hear from you. You can find me at marie.beckerleg@gmail.com or 218-329-2268.

A picture of a room for a babe and his/her Mom:


Real World Parenting

Note:  The following clip contains foul language.

I don't use swear words very often, except for the occasional "dammit".  If the chardonnay is flowing, well, that's a different story.  But sometimes, there are moments in life when saying a bad word just makes you feel better.

My girlfriend sent the following to me.  DH and I laughed uncontrollably.  In fact, we're still giggling.


Do you ever feel like this?

If You Were Still Here

Dear Mom,

If you were still here, you'd have called me at 6:00 a.m. this morning, and told me to have a good day.  Later,  I would've called you in the middle of the afternoon, needing advice, and then, of course, I would've called you on my way home from work, just to hear your voice.

If you were still here, you would lock up more 'bad guys'. I watched "Cops" last night, and cried through the entire show because it reminded me of you.   For such a small woman, you sure did intimidate some hard asses.

If you were still here, you and I would be in the kitchen together cooking and tipping back a few Keystones.

If you were still here, Rudy would be outside playing with Bubba and we'd be giggling at his antics. I can still see us lying in our lawn chairs, soaking up the sun and talking about anything and everything.

If you were still here, your gentle manner and wisdom would calm me in a way that no other person can.

If you were still here, I would have enjoyed your garden vegetables. You sort of had your own farmer's market.

If you were still here, you'd be freezing in this weather.  You always loved the sunshine and warm weather.  Me too.

If you were still here, you would snuggle up with Murray and teach him all about the world. He saw me crying this morning and burst into "Twinkle Twinkle".  He also knows the words to "You Are My Sunshine" - you would've loved that.  I'll never forget when you sang to me. I loved it (even though you were never able to carry a tune in a bucket).

If you were still here, you would say, "Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Look around and find something, anything, to be happy about. 

And Mom?  One more thing:  If you were still here, I wouldn't miss you so damn much.

Be at peace, Mom.  You're with me in spirit.