I'm Still Here

A friend of mine recently asked me if I had given up blogging. The answer is no, but I do admit that I've been awfully lazy. In addition to said laziness, our Internet hasn't been working at home and since Craig has been busy on the road, he hasn't had the time to fix it. Anyway, here I am. I didn't go far, but it's been too long.

Despite my silence, it hasn't been quiet around our home lately. Murray is thriving, Craig is traveling and I've been holding down the fort. That said, we are hoping that things will settle down a bit for the summer.

For now, though, I'm off to finish up at work. Stay tuned - I promise to have something more interesting on murraysmomma.blogspot.com very soon!

I Got It and He Did It!

Yes, I got the job. Wait - let me back up. Since mid-March, I've been temping as a sales assistant for Great Plains Integrated Marketing (a local radio group owned by the Hennen family), while their permanent s.a. is on maternity leave. I fell in love with the people (several I had worked with in the past, several new to me), the company, the ideals and standards they live and work by, and of course, the position itself. I knew when I started training that I wouldn't want to leave. God smiled on me today; they decided to hire me on a part-time basis. The opportunities for growth are fantastic, and I couldn't be happier. While I was devastated when I was terminated from my last job, it just goes to show that when God closes a window, He opens a door. I've had jobs that I've been happy at, but never have I looked forward to going to work until now. Anyway, I'm thrilled and proud to be a member of the GPIM family.

Speaking of new endeavors, I have an exciting writing project that I am going to be working on beginning Monday. I don't want to go into details yet, but stay tuned. I'll need a lot of advice from my professional writer friends (yes, you, Rox and Sherri), but I think with patience and perseverance, I can get the job done.

One more piece of good news: Murray has successfully used the potty every day this week. He got one sticker on Monday, and 2 stickers (he gets one each time he goes) the rest of the week. I swear Lynsay is magic. I am so excited to be nearing the end of the diapers. Go Murray!

I'd give today an A+.

The Heatbeat of a Home

I woke at 3:00am, just as I always do, but this time was different. I heard the deep breathing of Murray from across the hall, Craig's gentle snoring, Rudy lapping up a late night drink, Nala's heavy breathing, Kirby purring at my feet. It dawned on me in one instant how lucky I am. I was at complete peace. I suppose I've always heard these sounds, but I finally listened to them. Instead of being annoyed at the noise, I was comforted; in fact, I was so thrilled with the noises that are my home that I couldn't go back to sleep. By the time my eyes were heavy with sleep, I knew, with all my heart, that I was exactly where I needed to be. My heartbeat is strong, steady and unwavering.