Introducing Easton

Introducing our latest foster, Easton.  Welcome, boy!  This guy is the easiest foster we've had (he's our third); well-mannered, well-trained, and he fit right in from the get go.  Plus, he and Rudy get along famously.
Easton arrived at our home on Saturday, November 24, 2012. It was a painful, tearful surrender, as his owner is going through major life changes. That said, he settled in beautifully and is one silly, loveable hound!
It's clear Easton came from a loving home. When we picked him up, he had toys, treats, grooming tools, and a good quality bag of dog food. We know how much he will be missed, but we know how much he will be loved in a new home.
Easton is a five year old, pure bred male Golden Retriever. He's house trained, crated trained (although we haven't set up the crate - he doesn't need it), and loves people, kids, and dogs. He met Rudy without incident, and the two have been playing happily ever since.
Easton knows basic commands and loves to sleep in the bed, but also does fine curled up on the floor next to you. He's food oriented, but doesn't need much training. We haven't walked him on the leash yet (we want him micro chipped first, just in case), but he did well when we met him in the parking lot - no tugging. He has no destructive behavior, but has mild storm anxiety, from what I've told - tries to hide under a bed (although we haven't witnessed that yet). He's great when I'm at work, and is super happy to see us when we come home.
Easton loves to be brushed and groomed and has this cute head of hair that sticks out on top. He loves to play with toys and tennis balls, but is also happy to snuggle with us while we watch tv or hang out in the living room. His favorite thing is to be petted on his front legs and his behind.
We are so thankful to be able to foster this sweet boy.  Welcome to RAGOM, Easton!

Happy Birthday!

Dear Murray,

Happy fifth birthday, little one!  I wanted to write to tell you all about the things that you've accomplished in the last year.

When you were four, you said your name was "Murray Beckerleg Joseph."  This year, you know that it's Murray Joseph Beckerleg.

Last year, you were still at daycare.  This year, you started  kindergarten readiness (full time), and we had your first parent-teacher conferences.  Your teacher told us that if she could have 1,000 kids like you, she would take them all.  All of your other teachers for phys ed, music, and technology reported the same thing.

You have superb manners and show great respect for your friends and elders. 

You can count to 23 without missing a number, and recognize most of the letters in the alphabet.  You even taught me how to play Angry Birds on my phone.

Last year, you couldn't skate without a folding chair to guide you.  Now, you can skate around cones and do basic hockey drills.

You know your address and what city you live in.  We're working on teaching you our phone numbers.

You love the Gopher's and the Vikings (not that Daddy had an influence on you).

You are constantly reminding me that "hate", "stupid", son of a bi***", and "dammit" are not good words to say.  You're patient when I slip, but very worried that I'll say the wrong words.

You are great at reminding me that Jesus is the best, and humbling us.  We love your Catholic education, and we know that you do, too!

Murray, you a sweet, kind, and gentle boy.  Your Daddy and I are so very proud of you, and so very blessed to be your parents.  We will never forget the day, just five years ago, that we left for the hospital as a family of two, and came home as a family of three.  I have to admit, I cried a little today, thinking about how fast you are growing up. 

But they were happy tears, little one, because you bring so much joy to our lives.

Happy birthday!

Beckerleg Family Update and St. Gianna's

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted.  I was on such a roll for a while, and then that crazy thing called employment happened.  Not to mention a child involved in school.  Why didn't any of you other parents warn us how busy life would get when the kid started school?  I can't imagine how you function with more than one kiddo at your home!

For instance, just today:

I worked, Craig was an election judge, (left home at 5:30 a.m.), Murray had a playdate at our house, an hour later the babysitter arrived, I went back to work for a meeting, then put in some extra work time, met Craig at school for our first ever parent/teacher conferences, we both went to vote, and finally, Craig and I snuck away for an adult beverage (we were home by seven - who can stay out late with all of this activity?).  Tomorrow is hockey practice, Thursday I have handbell choir practice, Friday is the family birthday party for Murray and his cousin, Saturday is Murray's friend birthday party, Sunday is Mass and the Veteran's Day celebration, and then, we start all over.

Granted, we won't have birthdays every week, but the holidays are right around the corner.  Here we go.


Murray's conferences were awesome.  He's proficient in math, journaling, reading, sciecne, art, phy ed, music, and social skills.


My new job is amazing.  This, in day two of being on my own, I love, love, love working at St. Joseph's School.  My days fly by, and I am slowly making my own way.


Craig and I are again collecting donations for the second annual St. Gianna's Maternity Home fundraiser. Can you help?  We (Criag and myself) pay for all shipping costs and are more than happy to drive to pick up donations or pay you for postage if you would like to mail them.  We keep all of your information private and will provide a tax deductible receipt.  Contact us at or  Following are two links; one, to get you to realize our mission, and second, to view their needs:

This cause is near and dear to our hearts.  We would like to receive donations (including gently used toys and books) by December 15th, so that they'll arrive before Christmas. 


Happy election day!