Happy Birthday!

Dear Murray,

Happy fifth birthday, little one!  I wanted to write to tell you all about the things that you've accomplished in the last year.

When you were four, you said your name was "Murray Beckerleg Joseph."  This year, you know that it's Murray Joseph Beckerleg.

Last year, you were still at daycare.  This year, you started  kindergarten readiness (full time), and we had your first parent-teacher conferences.  Your teacher told us that if she could have 1,000 kids like you, she would take them all.  All of your other teachers for phys ed, music, and technology reported the same thing.

You have superb manners and show great respect for your friends and elders. 

You can count to 23 without missing a number, and recognize most of the letters in the alphabet.  You even taught me how to play Angry Birds on my phone.

Last year, you couldn't skate without a folding chair to guide you.  Now, you can skate around cones and do basic hockey drills.

You know your address and what city you live in.  We're working on teaching you our phone numbers.

You love the Gopher's and the Vikings (not that Daddy had an influence on you).

You are constantly reminding me that "hate", "stupid", son of a bi***", and "dammit" are not good words to say.  You're patient when I slip, but very worried that I'll say the wrong words.

You are great at reminding me that Jesus is the best, and humbling us.  We love your Catholic education, and we know that you do, too!

Murray, you a sweet, kind, and gentle boy.  Your Daddy and I are so very proud of you, and so very blessed to be your parents.  We will never forget the day, just five years ago, that we left for the hospital as a family of two, and came home as a family of three.  I have to admit, I cried a little today, thinking about how fast you are growing up. 

But they were happy tears, little one, because you bring so much joy to our lives.

Happy birthday!

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