Does anyone know what's going on with Blogger? When I view other pages, all I see are words; no graphics or design. Help? Can you see my page?

I Need An Editor. . .

I've been looking back on recent posts and realized that my writing has gone downhill. I don't know if it's because I'm lazy, or not paying attention, or lack of imagination, but it's driving me bonkers! Especially the last post - I'm tempted to delete it - it's so cheesy! I'll leave it as a reminder of things not to write.

Watch for 30th birthday pictures - I forgot the darn cord again. Enjoy this weather!

My Next 30 Years

Initially, the thought of turning 30 terrified me. For those of you groaning audibly, let me explain. Not only am I entering a new decade, but it seems as though an era is slipping away. I've been pondering the inevitable for several weeks and I've come to a few conclusions. A trip down memory lane reminded me of how much I've learned; from living, from family, from friends, and even foes. Here are a few in no particular order:

1) Never burn bridges - no matter the temptation.
2) Keep an open mind - much easier said than done.
3) Money and status are of no importance as long as you work hard and be honest.
4) Love and hard work does matter.
5) I am responsible for my own happiness. I can't control the happiness of others, but I can be kind, caring, and compassionate.
6) Sometimes too much pride can be a negative. I've learned to be honest about who I am and I am okay!

Of course, I expect I'll forget these lessons from time to time (although I hope not to), and I expect that I have a lot more to learn. But the basics are there and with the guidance of God, family and friends, I'll keep growing. I've chosen to look at turning thirty as a blessing - the alternative is much worse!

As Promised (A Very Long Time Ago)

Please note: I attempted to upload several videos, but apparently the site is having trouble.

Okay gang, here it is. I put together a (brief) montage of the last several months, in no particular order.

Hanging with Mag: Ready to ride trike (don't blame me for the goofy helmet; not my choice, but at least his noggin is safe):

Murray painted my snowman:

The boys on the carousel at breakfast of the farm in Rollag (I'm blocking Owen):

Murray chickened out so I hopped on:

The camera was a bit sick (blame it on the owner), so I didn't get any pictures of Murray at the lake (yet). Good thing the camera is healthy again and we have a lot of summer left.

Times are changing for our family, but for the best. As I (we) transition, please bear with me. I hope it will be worth the wait. Thanks for reading. Blessings to you and yours - M.

P.S. Surprise contest: The first person that can name the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement will win a gift card to Barnes and Noble (Mags, sorry, but you are exempt, hee hee). Leave me a comment with your answer (sorry folks, first correct comment gets the prize).