A Tribute to "Bluey"

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of "Bluey", Murray's beloved blue Beta fish.  He was found deceased this morning at approximately 10:34 by his five year old owner.

Bluey was a good fish.  He was kind and never complained.  His passions included floating around in his bowl and eating. 

Bluey's funeral arrangements are pending.  Murray needs time to grieve, and he just can't bear to send him to the big lake in the toilet sky.  We said a prayer over him; Murray asked God to let Bluey play with him someday, and he plans to honor him by naming all subsequent fish "Bluey".

Rest in peace, dear Bluey.  You were loved.

Okay, insert hysterical laughter here.  Here's how it all went down:

Murray asked me to come with him to look at something.  I did, and he led me to Bluey's bowl.  He pointed and matter of factly asked, "Mom, is Bluey dead?"  I callously replied, "Yep!"  not expecting sobbing to ensue.  I honestly didn't think he would care.

Well, sobbing did ensue, and I had to excuse myself from the room because I was laughing.  When I calmed down, we said a nice prayer over Bluey's bowl and discussed about what we would do with his body.  Murray is not ready to see him go, so his remains will stay in place until he is ready to make a decision (unless he starts to smell).  For now, we're having an open casket.

The following Facebook thread is hysterical (posted with permission).  We are feeling so grateful for the kind sentiments about Bluey.

The Obit:
It is with great sadness that I announce that Bluey, Murray's beloved blue beta fish has passed away. He was a good fish. We said a prayer for him, and now, he is in fish heaven. Murray is very sad about Bluey's passing, but Bluey will live in our hearts forever. Lots of Murray's tears around here today. He plans to honor Bluey by naming every single fish after him.

Am I a horrible mother for having to leave the room because I had to hide my hysterical laughter? My son's sadness is never funny, but it's a .99 fish for goodness sake. Poor kid. Life's lessons can be so hard.

From R.S.:
Oh my heavens, you've got me laughing hysterically too. No, you're not a bad mom. You would have been if you'd stayed in the room and laughed out loud. Politely excusing you to have a natural and normal reaction is permitted. By the way, when my puppy...
From J.R:

I can't believe Bluey was still alive! i thought he was done for when I was there! RIP Bluey.... Thank you for being a good fishy for Murray.
Marie Beckerleg Thanks, Rox! Murray is not ready to lay Bluey to rest, so we're giving him time to grieve. Lol!

From J.R.:
Are we going to bury him or convince him that the toilet will flush him to a big lake in Heaven??

Marie Beckerleg Funeral arrangements are pending.

From R.S.:
Marie, you have me roaring here! I mentioned a tribute on my wall, too, so others could join in a great heave of sympathy.

Marie Beckerleg I can't stop laughing! Craig is currently searching the Walmart web site for a new tank and new fish. He read our comment threads and your wall post and then he had to excuse himself. I could hear him snorting with laughter!

From R.S.:
I am laughing still and just asked the family to consider a moment of silence for this special intention. Elizabeth looked at me very strangely. I think she thinks I've lost it.

From J.R.:
omg. I am laughing so hard! poor Murray... What a kind heart he has. But... still super funny!!
And then, R.S. posted this on her wall:
Please join me in heartfelt condolences for "Bluey," the precious and beloved beta fish of my friend Marie Beckerleg's 5-year-old son, Murray. Our great loss becomes an eternal gain for the big ocean in heaven! :) (Thanks for the bittersweet smiles today, Marie. :))
God speed, Bluey.  You are missed.  But, we don't miss changing your water.


Get Your Flu Shot

Yesterday was a rough day.  I haven't been feeling well this winter - two weeks ago, I came down with strep, and before that, I caught every other bug that was going around.  And although my throat started to feel better a couple of days after the strep, I couldn't shake the exhaustion and the cough.

Yesterday, I was diagnosed with influenza b.  Yep, that one.  Darn me for not getting my flu shot.  I know better.

And when I get sick, really sick, I'm a big baby.  I want my mom (which obviously isn't possible), I hate myself for being incompetent and stuck in bed, and most especially, I feel incredibly guilty for missing work.  I detest myself when I can't meet my responsibilities.  And then I just turn into a sobbing, sick mess.

And so, once again today, I'm lying on the couch, unable to sleep.  Part of that is worry and anxiety about work and household stuff, but the rest of the sleeplessness is that every time I doze, I wake up in a coughing fit.  Cough medicine with codeine doesn't help, and I've even tried honey (which helps a bit better than the codeine, at least for a short while).

I need to tell my brain to shut off and let my body rest.  I need to kick this for once and for all.  Mostly?  I need spring.

There are worse problems in the world, and tomorrow is another day.  I'll get through it, I always do.

Lunch Lady

Hello Blogland!

I'm back, and I've missed this place.  I don't really know why I've been absent for so long, but I chalk it up to a crazy-busy life.

Months ago, I posted about how I'm finally back in the working world, and how much I love my job.  After the euphoria of being "back at it", reality and the bitter cold winter set in.  Don't get me wrong, I still love my work, it just came with a few challenges that I wasn't expecting.

Did you know, that as the head cook, I have to do a LOT of math? (I'm really not a math person.  At all.  Just ask my math genius husband). When I applied for this job, I stupidly assumed that I would just create nutritious, yummy lunches for a lot of great kids.

Not so much.

For instance, federal school lunch guidelines have me counting calories for each age group.  That means that if I want to include ketchup as a condiment on hot dog  turkey frank day, I have to figure out portion sizes and make sure I'm within the calorie range for each age group.  I have to serve a certain amount of meat/meat alternative each week, and veggies from several different categories.  Not only that, but there's inspection guidelines to follow, figuring out how much food to cook, and ordering from Food Services of America and making sure I'm not over budget.

I'm not complaining.  It's just been a huge learning curve that I have to admit, I wasn't quite prepared for.

The best part about my job?  Seeing the kids learn and grow through Christ.  We have some of the most prayerful, respectful, and kind students that I've ever met.  I love the days when I can leave the kitchen and sit with them while they eat the lunch that I've prepared and get to know them.  Yesterday, for example, four seventh grade girls taught me a "cup" game and serenaded me.  Then, there was the random hug from my kindergarten buddy, Jett, and the sixth grader who told me I was so "nice and cool".  Every day, when the pre-schoolers come for lunch, I get greetings of "Hi, Mrs. B.!" or "Hi, Murray's Mom!"

I've been blessed to get to know parents, teachers and the amazing faculty and staff.  I've made new friends, and feel lucky to be able to visit the St. Joseph's School environment daily.  Tonight we have our annual school fundraiser, the St Joseph Dinner, Dance, and Auction, which I'm a member of two of the committees.  It's sure to be an evening of camaraderie, laughter and making new memories.

I know I've been gone for a while, but I hope you'll keep checking back.  Stay tuned for more from Murray's Momma.