Bad Timing

I had an early appointment with my physician this morning to discuss allergies and some problems I've been having with high blood pressure.  I took Murray along since doing so allowed me a bit more time to sleep before the trek to West Fargo (yes, I crossed the river).  Anyway, after assessing my allergy problem, we tackled the high blood pressure.  As we're discussing weight loss and exercise, Murray leans over, pokes the doctor in the arm, turns to me and says, "Mom!  Please listen to me.  When are we leaving for McDonald's?"  Dr. J. burst out laughing, and I said, "Don't worry, Dr., I'll have a smoothie."

Anyway, first step, lose 20 pounds.  Second step, get on my allergy medication.  Third step, get blood pressure re-checked.  I'm going to feel so much better and I can hardly wait!  And one final step, reiterate good manners; evidently Murray needs a refresher.

Happy weekend!

Grumpy Little Men

From left to right: Jack Lemmon (John Gustafson), Burgess Meredith (Grandpa Gustafson), Walter Matthau (Max Goldman).

Facebook Etiquette; According To Me

I've been on Facebook for a while now, and while I have broken some of the following rules, I've learned from my mistakes.  Take it with a grain of salt, but following is my take:

1.  Do not post anything that you don't care to have repeated, even if you think your status is secure amongst your closest friends.

2.  Speaking of close friends:  if you plan to socialize with a few of them, but not all of them, please do not post; it will hurt people's feelings.   Besides, life isn't a competition.

3.  Whatever you do, do NOT post if you are home alone at night, where you are going specifically, or who is babysitting  your child(ren) is.  Common sense = safety.  Also, don't post your address (which I just did by accident).

4.  Please don't post something random, i.e., "I'll never get over this..." or "I have a secret but I can't tell yet..."  without an explanation.  This drives your friends (and those that aren't really friends) bananas. 

5.  Always pretend that your boss and most respected family and friends can see what you post, even if you are sure that they can't.  This way, you'll never embarrass yourself (or get in trouble).

Let's keep in mind that everything I've listed has either a) happened to me, or b) something I'm guilty of doing to someone else.  I certainly don't think I'm perfect.  I'm learning.  And growing up (albeit slowly), and while I'll NEVER be perfect, at least I can learn as I go.  And hopefully, someday, I won't hurt anyone, ever.  At least intentionally. 

This post ended up being a bit deeper than Facebook etiquette, no?

It's the Little Things

Today I:
Slept in (God bless DH), showered, dressed, applied make up, went to work, ran reports, spoke with students, worked on events, commiserated with colleagues, ran more reports, scoured the city for donations, let the dogs out, went back to work, went home for the day, scrubbed the house, forgot to re-load the laundry (kudos to my co-pilot), played balloon with Murman, cooked dinner, conversed with DH, threw the ball for the hounds, played some more with Murman, and now, finally, I'm relaxing on the couch with the cat.  The result?  A happy kid, a satisfied husband, played out dogs, a clean home, and an extremely tired me.  Benefits?  Complete, utter contentment.  Yes, there is always work to be done, but the rest will wait until tomorrow.  This is the ultimate life.  I look forward to a repeat tomorrow.

Safe travels G&G!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

"I took your mom to her first movie.
I want to take you, too.
That will be a special day
devoted just to you.
When I took your mommy,
I never watched the screen.
The movie was in her smile-
to her it was a dream."   - Billy Crystal - I Already Know I Love You

If you haven't read this heartwarming book, I highly recommend you do so and do it soon.  My dad sent it to me as a gift in 2005, before Murray was a twinkle in our eye.  Since then, it's become one of Murray's (and my) favorite books, and has teeth marks, well-thumbed, and torn pages to prove it. 

I took Murray to his first movie this afternoon ("Tangled").  Billy Crystal hit the nail on the head.  He was amazing to watch.  "This is a REAL BIG TV, MAMA!"  At one point, he began singing very loudly on cue with Mandy Moore - giggles throughout the theatre - and when I asked him to whisper he said, "but Mom, I WANT to sing with her."   And of course, we splurged on the theatre must-haves:  Popcorn with extra butter, (I don't share, so I bought Murray his own) M&M's and lots of water.

I can honestly say that I didn't take in much of the show, although Max the horse was probably my favorite character from what I did see.  I'm so thankful to have been able to share another "first" with my little guy.

Next up:  Cars 2.  According to Murray, that is.

More Murrayisms

Murray experienced his very first visit to the Dentist yesterday.  He did very well, even allowing the hygienist to clean all of his teeth.  We were so proud of his behavior that he was rewarded with not one, but two stickers on his chart.  We used to have to bribe  coax him to brush his teeth, but now we can't get him away from the bathroom sink. 

You are most likely bored with posts featuring conversations with Murray, but I have to record them somewhere, so following are a few of the latest "Murrayisms":
Murray at Dinner:
Murray:  "Excuse me please?" (he meant to say, "may I please be excused" before leaving the dinner table)
Craig:  "You're excused, and please remember to take your dishes to the kitchen."
Murray:  After a long, puzzled stare at his dirty plates, sighs, "But I don't have 3 arms!"

Murray at Snack:
"Could I please have some more milk Big Daddy?" (where he picked up this one, we'll never know)

Murray and I Discussing Families:
Me:  "Some kids have a brother or a sister to play with".
Murray: "Can Carwee be my sister, Mama?" (referring to our favorite sitter)

Murray and I Discussing Personal Information:
Me:  "Murray, what's your name?"
Murray:  "Murray Beckerweg Joseph" (close enough - he also knows his address, but it tends to be a bit mixed up).

Is it obvious that the weather has improved my mood?  Happy Spring!