It's the Little Things

Today I:
Slept in (God bless DH), showered, dressed, applied make up, went to work, ran reports, spoke with students, worked on events, commiserated with colleagues, ran more reports, scoured the city for donations, let the dogs out, went back to work, went home for the day, scrubbed the house, forgot to re-load the laundry (kudos to my co-pilot), played balloon with Murman, cooked dinner, conversed with DH, threw the ball for the hounds, played some more with Murman, and now, finally, I'm relaxing on the couch with the cat.  The result?  A happy kid, a satisfied husband, played out dogs, a clean home, and an extremely tired me.  Benefits?  Complete, utter contentment.  Yes, there is always work to be done, but the rest will wait until tomorrow.  This is the ultimate life.  I look forward to a repeat tomorrow.

Safe travels G&G!

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