Facebook Etiquette; According To Me

I've been on Facebook for a while now, and while I have broken some of the following rules, I've learned from my mistakes.  Take it with a grain of salt, but following is my take:

1.  Do not post anything that you don't care to have repeated, even if you think your status is secure amongst your closest friends.

2.  Speaking of close friends:  if you plan to socialize with a few of them, but not all of them, please do not post; it will hurt people's feelings.   Besides, life isn't a competition.

3.  Whatever you do, do NOT post if you are home alone at night, where you are going specifically, or who is babysitting  your child(ren) is.  Common sense = safety.  Also, don't post your address (which I just did by accident).

4.  Please don't post something random, i.e., "I'll never get over this..." or "I have a secret but I can't tell yet..."  without an explanation.  This drives your friends (and those that aren't really friends) bananas. 

5.  Always pretend that your boss and most respected family and friends can see what you post, even if you are sure that they can't.  This way, you'll never embarrass yourself (or get in trouble).

Let's keep in mind that everything I've listed has either a) happened to me, or b) something I'm guilty of doing to someone else.  I certainly don't think I'm perfect.  I'm learning.  And growing up (albeit slowly), and while I'll NEVER be perfect, at least I can learn as I go.  And hopefully, someday, I won't hurt anyone, ever.  At least intentionally. 

This post ended up being a bit deeper than Facebook etiquette, no?


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, guilty as charged on sharing bits about social activity. I try to be discerning about that but have slipped from time to time, including with you probably. Yikes! And on my blog I've let out bits of secrets before I could share the whole story. Oh, and on Facebook too. I'm afraid I'm being implicated here on Good Friday! :)*looks over her shoulder...*

Marie said...

I guess I should take my own advice, Roxane. I certainly didn't mean to implicate you; actually I was referring to others. However I'm guilty to everything I posted, which is why I felt the need to share my thoughts! :)
Peace Be With You and Happy Easter,

KE Photography said...

Hi Marie :)
Stumbled across your blog and love this post.
I've found Facebook to be equally as destructive as it is useful.
Unfortunately it's caused big rutts in relationships within our family, while it's also reconnected me with some of my (now) closest friends, and long lost cousins.

I've thought about leaving facebook and closing my account but the problem is I'm a sucker for wanting to read about other's lives as much as they want to read about mine.. Haha.

Your latest follower,
Krystle - KE Photography

Marie said...

Welcome, Krystle! I love new readers and am thrilled that you commented. You hit the nail on the head regarding facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!