Bad Timing

I had an early appointment with my physician this morning to discuss allergies and some problems I've been having with high blood pressure.  I took Murray along since doing so allowed me a bit more time to sleep before the trek to West Fargo (yes, I crossed the river).  Anyway, after assessing my allergy problem, we tackled the high blood pressure.  As we're discussing weight loss and exercise, Murray leans over, pokes the doctor in the arm, turns to me and says, "Mom!  Please listen to me.  When are we leaving for McDonald's?"  Dr. J. burst out laughing, and I said, "Don't worry, Dr., I'll have a smoothie."

Anyway, first step, lose 20 pounds.  Second step, get on my allergy medication.  Third step, get blood pressure re-checked.  I'm going to feel so much better and I can hardly wait!  And one final step, reiterate good manners; evidently Murray needs a refresher.

Happy weekend!


Warne Family said...

Good luck!!!

KE Photography said...

Haha!! That's classic!

Good luck on your new journey :)

Roxane B. Salonen said...

This is so cute, Marie. Murray is definitely into the "very cute things kids say" period. My kids are moving past that now, though Nick still comes up with a doozy every once in a while. By the way, I'm with you on the weight loss thing, so we'll have to encourage one another. I've not had a healthy winter. Time to get moving! We'll have to meet at a place that has great salads next time we get together. :)

Marie said...

Thanks, everyone! Rox, I have a great place in mind; do you know John Alexander's in Moorhead? Next date soon, we're overdue. I want to tell you about the creative writing class I'm taking.

Best to you!