More Murrayisms

Murray experienced his very first visit to the Dentist yesterday.  He did very well, even allowing the hygienist to clean all of his teeth.  We were so proud of his behavior that he was rewarded with not one, but two stickers on his chart.  We used to have to bribe  coax him to brush his teeth, but now we can't get him away from the bathroom sink. 

You are most likely bored with posts featuring conversations with Murray, but I have to record them somewhere, so following are a few of the latest "Murrayisms":
Murray at Dinner:
Murray:  "Excuse me please?" (he meant to say, "may I please be excused" before leaving the dinner table)
Craig:  "You're excused, and please remember to take your dishes to the kitchen."
Murray:  After a long, puzzled stare at his dirty plates, sighs, "But I don't have 3 arms!"

Murray at Snack:
"Could I please have some more milk Big Daddy?" (where he picked up this one, we'll never know)

Murray and I Discussing Families:
Me:  "Some kids have a brother or a sister to play with".
Murray: "Can Carwee be my sister, Mama?" (referring to our favorite sitter)

Murray and I Discussing Personal Information:
Me:  "Murray, what's your name?"
Murray:  "Murray Beckerweg Joseph" (close enough - he also knows his address, but it tends to be a bit mixed up).

Is it obvious that the weather has improved my mood?  Happy Spring!

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