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When in the HECK is spring EVER going to get here?  I'm not much of a "swearer", but you get my drift.  This has been the longest winter that I can remember.  Of course Craig falling off a roof, my starting a new job, plus several other factors beyond my control, it's no wonder that I've had it with this weather.  I'm grateful that we don't have to worry about tsunami's, earthquakes, etc., but I am on the brink of insanity.  Mother Nature is not at the top of my list at the moment, but I highly suspect that I'm not alone.

I read a fantastic article yesterday written by Dr. Alan Zimmerman.  In it he states, " and work are unfair, and there is a lot we can...and should...justifiably gripe about.  But it's time to GET BEYOND the griping to taking personal initiative and responsibility."  This struck a cord with me in a big way.  It's time to stop worrying about the stressors that I can't control and deal with those that I can (think Serenity Prayer).

That said, I'm still grumpy about the ridiculous weather, but I might as well let it go.  It's not worth the energy.
What CAN I control?  My own happiness, and that is so worth the energy.

2011 Reprinted with permission from Dr. Alan Zimmerman, a full-time professional speaker who specializes in attitude, motivation, and leadership programs that pay off.  For more information on his programs...or to receive you own free subscription to the 'Tuesday Tip" go to or call 800-621-7881.

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BlackRose458 said...

I like Winter, but I can understand your frustration. I enjoyed the long winter, but I can't wait for the trees to be full of leaves, shading me from my skins natural enemy, the sun. I also plan on pplanting a few flowers, just to show that I know it's Spring and I'm ready to celebrate Earth Day.