My Next 30 Years

Initially, the thought of turning 30 terrified me. For those of you groaning audibly, let me explain. Not only am I entering a new decade, but it seems as though an era is slipping away. I've been pondering the inevitable for several weeks and I've come to a few conclusions. A trip down memory lane reminded me of how much I've learned; from living, from family, from friends, and even foes. Here are a few in no particular order:

1) Never burn bridges - no matter the temptation.
2) Keep an open mind - much easier said than done.
3) Money and status are of no importance as long as you work hard and be honest.
4) Love and hard work does matter.
5) I am responsible for my own happiness. I can't control the happiness of others, but I can be kind, caring, and compassionate.
6) Sometimes too much pride can be a negative. I've learned to be honest about who I am and I am okay!

Of course, I expect I'll forget these lessons from time to time (although I hope not to), and I expect that I have a lot more to learn. But the basics are there and with the guidance of God, family and friends, I'll keep growing. I've chosen to look at turning thirty as a blessing - the alternative is much worse!


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I absolutely LOVED so much about my 30s. It was an exhilarating time. You have so much to look forward to, and you are heading into it with a great attitude. I think you will be surprised what a wonderful decade is in store. You are growing, and will continue to grow, wise in these next ten years. I look forward to the transformation, which is already underway.

Mom, Dad, Grant and Dylan said...

AHHH, I felt the same way as you do about the big that I am a few years into that decade, I would never choose to go backwards! You have a great grasp on what's ahead and don't look back! Each year you get older, you get wiser and I feel you live more! Cheers to turning 30 and the future! Let us know if you want to celebrate!~

Mom, Dad, Grant and Dylan said...

AHHH, I felt the same way as you are now about turning 30...but I have to say, now that being a few years into my 30's, I would never choose to go back! As you grow older, you grow wise and I believe Live life more to it's fullest! I think in your 20's you live life a bit differently, more on the edge, not thinking too much. 30s is a great decade! It can only get better from here! Cheers to the 30's and beyond! Let us know if you want to celebrate!

Marie said...

Sara, you crack me up! Remember when we went camping and you told me that when I turned 25, I would be wiser? Well, you were right. I can only hope the trend continues. Thanks for the cheers!

Brad - you need to fill me in the REST of the story, and guess what - you win! I'll pop it in the mail next week. Thanks for playing. No one else even tried!

Marie said...

Roxane - thank you so much. I actually feel pretty good about turning 30, thanks to you and others who've been there. It's gonna be fun! Miss you - hope all is well.