As Promised (A Very Long Time Ago)

Please note: I attempted to upload several videos, but apparently the site is having trouble.

Okay gang, here it is. I put together a (brief) montage of the last several months, in no particular order.

Hanging with Mag: Ready to ride trike (don't blame me for the goofy helmet; not my choice, but at least his noggin is safe):

Murray painted my snowman:

The boys on the carousel at breakfast of the farm in Rollag (I'm blocking Owen):

Murray chickened out so I hopped on:

The camera was a bit sick (blame it on the owner), so I didn't get any pictures of Murray at the lake (yet). Good thing the camera is healthy again and we have a lot of summer left.

Times are changing for our family, but for the best. As I (we) transition, please bear with me. I hope it will be worth the wait. Thanks for reading. Blessings to you and yours - M.

P.S. Surprise contest: The first person that can name the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement will win a gift card to Barnes and Noble (Mags, sorry, but you are exempt, hee hee). Leave me a comment with your answer (sorry folks, first correct comment gets the prize).


Brad said...

Saint Michael..... long story how I know - involves waiting for (funny - law enforcement) outside Sideline's bar in St. Michael MN, and an ex-SEI co-worker, currently a County Cop down south informed me the origin of the town name.....

maggie said...

Did u get brad his gift card? Very good!
I still think st michael is the patron st against abortion. Remember saying that prayer in church?