Four Years Old

Note:  I purposely did not show the faces of Murray's party guests, so as not to exploit children who aren't my own.  :)

Also, following is the addendum to this post.  I apologize for the delay.

When you were three, you loved to snuggle up with me and whisper secrets in my ear.

Not that you're four, you think it's great fun to give wet willies instead of whispering how much you love me.

When you were three, you loved to take a bath.
Now that you're four, you think baths are for babies and you prefer showers.

When you were three, Curious George made you laugh.
Now that you're four, you think tooting and smelly feet are hysterical. When you pass gass, you say, "Excuse me, a duck flew by." At least you say excuse me.

When you were three, we could answer your questions (kind of).
Now that you're four, you have us scratching our heads, searching for an answer that will suit you.

When you were three, you learned to count.
Now that you're four, you can do simple math. Yesterday you did 4-2=2 all by yourself. You are just like your Dad; you certainly didn't get the mathematical/analytical gene from me.

When you were three, you slept in your own room.
Not that you're four, you insist on sleeping on the floor in our room. You are so not sleeping in our bed. Unless you're sick.

When you were three, you weren't quite as independent.
Now that you're four, you play on your own more than you play with your Dad and me.

When you were three, your manners were impeccable.
Now that you're four, your're bossy and need to be reminded of good manners.
But, now that you're four, your Dad and I still think you are awesome. We love you, and always will.

But since your're four now, could you please remember to flush the toilet?

Happy 4th Birthday, Murray!
 Pony rides - introducing Izzy and Sari (Izzy is the pony)
 Battery Operated cars

Photo credit:  Troy (a.k.a. J.P. #2)

Special thanks to our friends and family who spent the afternoon with us.  Also, thanks to Dakota Carriage Company for bringing sweet Izzy to our home.  


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, he is really getting big. I can't believe it! And he is quite advanced. Nick still doesn't like showers. And he sleeps in our bed most nights after he wanders in around 3 a.m. I'm too groggy at that hour to turn him away and have decided I'm not sure I want to anyway. :) I used to have to sleep on my parents' floor if I had a bad dream and it was so cold and hard. I wanted to sneak into the middle of them. It's good for them to not think they own you though. You're a great parent, and Murray is a great guy!

Marie said...

He sure is getting big. It makes me sad, but I'm thankful that he's healthy and growing. If Murray wandered in at 3 a.m. like Nick does, I might cave and let him in. Although, putting his mattress on the floor is one solution we've come up with. We call it his "nest" and he thinks that's pretty neat. Thanks for your kind words. Parenting is a daily challenge, isn't it? You would know! :) I hope I will be blessed with a large brood, and soon. :)

Anti-Supermom said...

Could he be any cuter! There's a strange thing that happens at four, no longer looking like a baby, but dependent on so many things from you.

Unless he decides to do it all himself, because he has those days too (wink).