Blessed Weekend

It's been a wonderful Saturday. It was my day to sleep in, so I did, and when I woke up at 9:30, Murray was already down for a morning snooze. I took advantage and read in bed with a hot cup of coffee. After lunch we bundled up to go sledding and let dogs run, but it turned out to be too windy. I did take the dogs for a good run while Murray and Craig played with Grandpa and Grandma B.

I finally went to the tanning bed. I have this fear of tanning beds, but it's so worth it when we get to a sunny place to be able to stay in the sun. I tan very easily, so in two weeks, I'll be ready. We purchased a pop up tent for Murray to use on the beach, and we'll buy a little lawn chair when we get there. He's also geared with plenty of summer clothes, thanks to Grandma B. for hitting the clearance sales last fall. The hard part will be packing a carry-on for a toddler on and eight -and -a -half hour flight.

Tonight Craig and Murray are going to T's house for the Gopher game. I plan to lounge around and read, maybe watch a movie. Tomorrow is house cleaning day - it desperately needs a deep clean. It's strange how lax I've become about house work. It still drives me crazy to have a messy/dirty home, but I've realized that spending time with my family is my number one priority. The housework will always be there and in time, it will get done.

Many happy returns (says Pooh)!

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Mom, Dad, Grant and Dylan said...

You guys will do great with Murray on the plane and in Hawaii!!! Just enjoy yourself! I leave the Thursday after you guys do for Vegas and am so looking forward to a much needed break!!! Wish I was going somewhere as warm as you though!!