Pool Shark and Other Random Thoughts

Norman's was wonderful. The service was fantastic, the food and wine were outstanding and the atmosphere was breathtaking. Thanks M & D, for a super evening! We love exploring new restaurants with you! After we finished at Norman's, a game of pool was suggested, so we went to Bennigan's in Moorhead. I'm pretty sure I scared all of the diners around the pool table, because the cue ball kept flying off the table every time it was my turn to shoot. Let's just say that next time we play, we really should make sure to avoid people within a large radius of the pool table. I don't need a law suit. Pool shark, I am not.

The countdown is on for a couple of events this week. First for the Lovejoy's to return, and second, for vacation. I have a hundred things to do this week, and have misplaced my planner. I am completely lost without it. My appointments, lists, etc. are all in it. I miss you dear friend - please turn up soon.

However, the case of the missing planner is not as worrisome as the troubles my boss is having on vacation. He misplaced his wallet, and while he was able to put "holds" on his credit cards, etc., he doesn't have an ID to return home. Thankfully, he's in the US, but I'm not quite sure what the airline will say if his wallet doesn't turn up in time. We're hoping to hear good news from him today.

We had a fun day yesterday and Grandpa and Grandma B's. Murray and Owen were hilarious together. When Owen was 1lb. 10oz. at birth, we never dreamed he would be such a mischievous and assertive little boy. He loves to pull Murray's hair and take his cracker or toy, but we think it's great. I guess he had to be a fighter when he was born, so his personality makes sense. I just love him to pieces.

Happy Monday. I'm off to countdown the minutes.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Fun post, Marie. :) Glad you're vacation's drawing near, and I'm glad you got to Norman's, too. I'm looking forward to checking it out one day soon.

Did you call me this weekend? I was singing in a wedding. Sorry I missed you...

Have a nice week!

Marie said...

Thanks, Roxane! I did call you, but it was just to chat. No worries. I hope to hear you sing soon!

How was Sarello's? Craig took me there on our third date. I loved it!

God bless,