Ho Hum

We had a long night last night. Murray was awake sobbing from about 1am-3am. We tried all the old tricks, even snuggling with him on the couch; nothing would soothe him. I finally gave him some Tylenol, and he dropped off into a deep sleep until 7:30am. I know his ears are okay, but I'm thinking his throat must hurt. He wasn't feverish, so I don't know. I was just happy that something finally worked. Parenting brings so many mysteries. I wish I could read his mind.

This week is dragging. I think I have vacationitis. We aren't leaving until the 22nd, and until now, the time has gone quickly. It also doesn't help that work is painfully slow, so my short five hours here drag. Today I brought my book and will work my daily cryptoquip. I know, I sound pitiful. Woe is me. :)

I finally signed up as a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, so if you would like some information, please let me know. I promise never to solicit you, I'm just in this because I receive better prices as a distributor, and it's easier not to have to bother my friends L and C when I need something. I'm not trying to sell anything. :)

I'm off to waste more time at work. Even my post is boring today.

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