Addendum to Previous Post

It's 8:45pm on Friday night, and I'm happily at home. However, DH is SHOUTING on his cell phone - he doesn't understand that cell phones work just as well as a land line. . .then again, he did the same thing when we had a home phone. Sigh. If he wakes up little one, he will have to deal.

I was with the twins today, and boy are they growing. At 7 mos, Master Will is getting up on his hands and knees; slow and steady wins the race. Lady A. is doing the army crawl/roll and also gets where she wants to be. Both are chatting away; each day I'm with them brings something new. It's funny how quickly one forgets theses stages. Thank goodness for video cameras - it's hard to imagine Murray at the same age .

We are planning a quiet but fun-filled weekend at home. I, for one, am needing a weekend sans packing, loading, unpacking, packing, loading, unpacking and then laundry when we find our way home. I will miss G & G and the lake, but frankly, I'm just tired. We may decide to go on Sunday for the day.

The dogs went to Wags and Whiskers today for their quarterly groom. Rudy is hilarious -he prances around as if he were royalty when he's clean, brushed, and trimmed. Feeling good about yourself is important, even if you are of the canine variety.

Have a super three day weekend. Be safe and God bless.

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