Random Happenings

Where to begin today's post. First of all, we spent the weekend at home for the most part, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. On Saturday, Craig cooked a turkey (his first ever) and some good friends and my sister and her boyfriend joined us for football, Wii, dinner and cocktails. I do believe we all had a good time, but I can only speak for myself.

Saturday was my day to sleep in, so Craig and Murray went shopping. When I woke from a pleasant slumber, I discovered that Craig had re-arranged the house. I do like it, but long for more space!!! Most of the problem is that my crafting/scrap booking supplies take up a ton of room. I must find a system to organize it all, so it's not so daunting when I want to work on Murray's album, or even clean around it. However, I am so thankful for our home that it doesn't matter. I will find a solution; I just have to get creative (and motivated)! You should excuse the prose - I just finished re-reading Heidi, and I'm afraid I've caught the 1800's language bug.

On Sunday, we thought about heading to the lake, but decided to go to Buffalo River State Park instead. Our good friends and their daughter joined us. It was a beautiful day and we couldn't get the kids out of the water, even when their lips were blue and they were shivering. Unfortunately, our camera was out of juice, and for some strange reason, we can't find the video camera. We've searched and searched, to no avail. I sure hope we find it - how does one lose a video camera anyway? Maybe if I dig through my disorganized clutter it will turn up. In the mean time, I will pray the patron saint of missing items and hope he can help!

This week brings a busy week again, with hopes to head to the lake on Friday. In the mean time, I'll keep plugging away with a smile in my heart and on my face. Hurray for an abbreviated week. We still have until September 22 until summer is over!

Tonight I'm off to an event meeting and tomorrow another. A shout out to Dacotah Paper and the UPS Store, as well as many others (did I really just say that) for their donations for Flynn's benefit.

Later. . .

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, thanks for faithfully stopping by my blog this week. Hope you're having a great weekend so far!