Happy Husband's Day!

Yesterday I took Murray shopping, explaining to him that Father's Day is on Sunday and that we were going to buy Daddy a gift and a card.  It was to be a surprise, and he was sworn to secrecy.

What was I thinking?

Shopping mission accomplished, Craig returned from meetings and Murray excitedly said, "Dad, we got you a present for Husband's Day!" We both cracked up and finally, a wounded Murray looked at us and sadly asked, "What's so funny?  Stop laughing!".  When we could breathe again, I asked Murray who his Daddy was to me.  "He's Craig, Mama", he replied. 

Oh dear. 

A ten minute conversation ensued while Craig and I attempted to discuss the dynamics that are a family, which led to a lot of "why's" and ended with "only mamas and daddies can kiss on the lips, you know."

I think we'll leave the rest of the birds and the bees talk for a much later date.  We can only hope we satisfied his curiosity, at least, until he's 25.

Happy Husband's Day!

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