Big Momma, Big Murray, & REALLY BIG THUNDER

Yesterday, as I was pretending to be a human jungle-gym, Murray wrapped himself around me and cried, "OH, big Momma!" If I hadn't just re-joined Weight Watchers, I may have been a bit upset by the comment. But then, just this morning, I had a "eureka" moment.

Murray and I were snuggling on the couch while I waited for the coffee to finish brewing. When it was ready, I slid off the couch and said, I'll be right back, Murray. I'm going to get some coffee". He looked back at me with those big brown eyes of his and said, "Momma, coffee too me". "You can have water or milk, but you are too little to drink coffee", I replied. He chose water, and I went to the kitchen to fill our cups.

Later, I handed him his water and settled in for a few more peaceful moments of coffee and Murray. Out of nowhere, I heard: "eee ig, Mama, eee ig." Completely confused, I asked hm to show me what he was trying to tell me. He hopped off the couch, stood tall, raised his arms and yelled, "ME BIG, MAMA, NO LITTLE! He had to repeat himself several times because I was laughing so hard.

Last night, when the tornado sirens sounded, Craig carried a sleeping Murray downstairs where we would wait out the storm. I carried: a flashlight, 3 pillows, 1 Pooh Bear, 1 Moose, 1 Puppy Dog, one quilt and Murray's blanket, all while trying to coax two spooked golden retrievers and one large cat down the stairs. Not only is Rudy afraid of thunder, but he's terrified of stairs. Two or three are okay, but ask him to go down a flight and he locks up and won't move. Sheesh. Anyway, the storm passed, we hauled everyone back upstairs and settled in. Murray kept talking about BIG thunder and it took us a while to get him to relax. Finally, sleep came. . .until "REALLY BIG THUNDER"! I sat straight up in bed; Craig mumbling something about a transformer. I don't know that I've ever heard thunder that loud. While driving to daycare this morning, we discovered that a huge tree to the north of us had split in two and lost a limb. My guess is that's what the "REALLY BIG THUNDER" was about.

Moral of the story: Murray is big enough for coffee, I am big enough for Weight Watchers, and well, neither one of us is big enough for "REALLY BIG THUNDER"!


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, this is one of my favorite posts from you so far. You wove everything together in such a fabulous way, giving us a great ending. I can see the writer in you coming out more and more. The whole thing was so visual and I was right there with you! Exactly what you want to convey. And I couldn't help but feel your pain, recalling our early-morning meeting below the stairs with cats clawing us and kids crying and us saying the Rosary. :) Even Nick, who doesn't know the prayers yet, joined in. :)

Marie said...

Roxane, thank you! I felt the same why when I finished (I hate to be conceited). When I've written a piece like this, I remember why I love to write. Posts like these are few and far between, but, with time and your encouragement, I have the inspiration to keep working on skills!

So sweet that Nick joined in - I love that!

Thanks again - take care.