Golden Days

We spent a marvelous weekend at the lake . The weather was wonderful on Saturday. Craig threw a line in off the end of the dock and caught a bass and a northern, both of which went back in the lake. Both docks were completely messed up from last week's storm, so Craig put them back together (my grandpa is out of town). Mostly, we just relaxed and played with Murray.

At the beginning of the summer, my sister bought a blow up swimming pool for Murray. It was nice enough on Saturday, so we filled it up and plopped him in. He LOVED it. I'm not surprised, considering how much he loves bath time.
This weekend we are going camping. I hate camping. I hate woodticks, I hate sleeping in a tent, and I hate campground bathrooms. It was fun when I was 22, but that was a different time in my life. Not to mention that I have to be away from Murray for a night to go do something I hate. Did I mention I hate camping? I will try to make the best of it, but on Sunday morning, I'm hightailing it back to Murray and civilization.
It's official. Our house really is for sale. Our realtor put the sign in the yard yesterday. It's such a relief to have it on the market. It's been kind of fun getting it ready, but I'm glad to be done. I'm tired of getting babysitters for Murray only to make 32 trips to the hardware store. I feel like now we can truly enjoy the rest of summer. This afternoon I think Murray and I will play outside. It's going to be a beautiful week.


Stef said...

Love Murray in his pool. Maggie did a good job because he looks so happy. I liked having you run errands for the house because then I get to babysit! I hate campling, be sure to find the closest hotel on your way, just in case!!!

Marie said...

He sure did have a great time! We plan to set it up in the back yard for those times when we aren't at the lake. I know, I'm dreading camping, but I'll suck it up. At least it's only one night. We'll talk soon!