The Great Outdoors

Well, camping wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be, and I actually enjoyed myself. The best part was watching Craig relax and have a good time. I'm glad we went for his sake - he deserves to do something he really enjoys, even if it's not my cup of tea. We were home, unpacked and showered by 11:00am on Sunday and then raced over to get Murray. We both missed him SO MUCH and decided that it's just too soon to leave him over night. I had a complete melt down on Saturday morning before we left and almost stayed home. But I'm still glad that we went. It was fun to relax and visit and the food was great!

Back to reality today. The next two weeks will be wonderful at work, because the mean woman that I work with is on vacation. It's so hard to go to work (even if you love your job, like I do) when you have to deal with people like her. If she could just be nice it would help, but I will never change her. I always say that working with her on a daily basis teaches me a lot about the type of person I want to be (and don't want to be). Every cloud has a silver lining.

My soap box of the week is this: Please, do not tell me how to raise our pets or our children. Keep your opinions to yourself. Every situation is different, and you may not know the full extent of ours. Belief and moral foundations are different for everyone. I do not criticize the way you do things, so please leave us alone. It's just not nice to tell others that what you are doing is wrong. I work hard every day to be a good person and do what I think is best for my family and our situation. I am doing the best I can.

The zoo was a huge disappointment. Murray loved it, so it was worth going, but I wouldn't ever go there again. He especially loved the goats and the ducks. We forgot our camera, so we didn't get any good shots, but the vision of Murray getting so excited will be burned in my memory forever. It was hilarious. The zoo itself actually made us sad. The animals are so cooped up and have no room to move in their natural habitat like you would see in big zoos. There isn't much room for the zoo to expand, so I don't see the situation improving. I wanted to run around and open all the gates for the animals to be free. Anyway, it was fun for Murray.

Happy Monday!

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