Goodbye, Vac

After much discussion and mind-changing, our Hawaiian vacation is finally booked. It took forever - mostly because we were trying to figure out the fastest and easiest flight. At the very last minute, we found free, yes, FREE tickets. We were prepared to pay full price, so this was an incredible bonus. The only problem is that we have to fly out of the cities instead of Fargo, which I am not at all happy about. Whenver we travel, we always pay extra (if necessary) to fly out of Fargo because it's worth the convenience. It will be a packing nightmare to fly out of the cities, but I realize I shouldn't complain, because you can't beat free airline tickets to paradise. I'm so thankful to Mary and Craig for making the arrangements. Pete, here we come!

I am in a much better mood today than yesterday. Our house was getting out of control again yesterday due to all the yard work over the weekend, but I reined in the chaos this morning. It makes me so crabby when I can't get my housework done. Speaking of housework, I sure miss Vac. I had to throw him away on Friday. I took him to the repair shop with high hopes of an easy fix, but he was too far gone. Apparently, wet vacs don't usually last as long as mine did, so I should consider myself lucky for the last four years. It's the end of an era. Sniffle.

A level 3 sex offender is moving into our neighborhood next week, and I completely missed the notification meeting last night. It was all over the media outlets yesterday, but I must have been in a complete fog to have missed the information, especially since I listen to news/talk radio all day. Only a handful of people showed up, so I wasn't the only one, but I wish I would have been paying attention yesterday. We need to be responsible members of our community, and I am the first to admit that I missed the boat yesterday. To those of you who are saying that you weren't notified of the meeting - get your head of the sand. I checked my sources, and it was in the newspaper, on at least 2 of our local TV stations, and all over KFGO all day yesterday. We all need to do a better job of paying attention to our surroundings.


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