Vac II

This has been such a strange day. We slept in a bit this morning because Murray kept us (mostly Craig) up all night long. I sure hope this second tooth pops through soon. I'm realizing that this is only the beginning of the teething nightmare, though I'm sure it's much worse for Murray than it is for us. Anyway, I went to work at my usual time while Craig stayed home with him for a bit and then dropped him off at daycare. Ten minutes into my work day, I looked down at the white shirt I was wearing and discovered that I was covered in black ink. Shortly thereafter, I looked down again and realized that my coffee cup was leaking. So now I resemble a slighty dirty Holstein. I did go home to change, but it kind of threw off my whole day. I feel unsettled and out of sorts. I am most definately a creature of routine and habit.

The beauty of the advertising world is that summer is very quiet. We spend most of the winter and spring placing schedules and getting organized for third and fourth quarter, so it's nice to be able to slow down a bit. I'm always happy when fall rolls around though, because it does get awfully boring after a while. It's good to be productive.

I have been using the new and improved version of Vac, and I am so much in love again. She's a beaut - works about 10 times better than the last one. We decided that it was necessary to purchase Vac II because the house is on the market and we just don't have time to be mopping and sweeping twice a day. Anyway, she's great. My floors are back to normal, and I am relieved. One less thing to stress me out, which in turns makes for a more peaceful life for Craig. He really is a saint.

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