I finally had my appointment with the Rheumatolgy specialist this morning. I don't know why I bothered; it was a huge waste of time. A good friend of mine who is experiencing the same health concerns as myself warned me about him. This particular doctor said the same thing to her. Dr. quack said, and I quote: "the good news is we can't find anything wrong with you. Some people call it chronic pain, some call it fibromyalgia". HOW IS THIS GOOD NEWS???? I'm just supposed to deal with this pain for the rest of my life? Some days I can barely lift my son. He ordered some x-rays and more blood work (all of which have been done) but I refused them. Nothing is broken, he didn't find swelling, and I have had every blood test known to man done in the last six weeks. I am so done with medical doctors. I am taking matters into my own hands. I am going to lose some weight and work with the essential oils and see if that helps.

I'm too cranky to blog anymore right now. I'm annoyed and scared, but what can I do?

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