I'm Losing My Mind

The funniest thing just happened and I had to write about it. Early last week, my sister-in-law, Randi and I made a lunch date for this week. We agreed to meet at Ruby Tuesdays around 12:10pm. In the original email, I stated that Friday afternoons work best for me because I'm done for the day at noon. So, we made the date for Ruby Tuesdays on 25th. Now, I ask, did we mean the street or the day? She told me to remind her on the 25th so she wouldn't forget. This morning she emailed me and asked if we were still on for lunch and what location were we meeting at? I replied that yes, we still were, and that I was looking forward to it and that we should meet on 25th. I was thinking how on top of her game she is and now I don't have to remind her about lunch on Friday. Well, she just emailed me asking me what day it is. She sat at Ruby Tuesdays on 25th Street waiting for me, while I am here at work. She thought I meant the 25th of June, while I was talking about the location of the restaurant. I feel terrible - I am absolutely losing my mind. She was more clear than I was, I was just not getting it. Good thing she is a wonderful person with a good sense of humor. I owe her lunch!!!

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