Courtesy of Jennifer Peters Photography - thanks Jennifer, for allowing me to show off your beautiful work!

I just found out that a friend of mine is expecting her first child in December. She stopped into the office today and if was so much fun to visit. I am absoultely thrilled for her. Being pregnant with Murray, giving birth to him, and raising him thus far have been the most amazing, fun, and completely wonderful days we could ever have imagined. Talking to her brought back so many fun memories of finding out we were expecting, my pregnancy, and the best day ever: November 14, 2007. Anyway, I'm just so happy for them. Children truly are a miracle.

We spent the weekend completely overhauling our house. We are putting it on the market as of this evening, and our realtor had several suggestions of things we could do to make it a bit more "sellable" before we list it. We actually had a good time getting it ready, though it was a lot of physical labor. Murray was with family most of the weekend, allowing us to really dig in. I thought we threw most everything out at spring clean up this year, but 12 garbage bags later, I am proven wrong. We had to put some in Dennis and Mary's garbage because ours was full (we have the largest can the city of Moorhead allows), and some will have to wait in the garage until next week (I do not, and never have had, the patience for a rummage sale - God Bless those of you who do). Anyway, it was fun to have a project together and the outcome is wonderful. I feel like we can breathe again. Now the hard part is done and we can sit back and wait. More on that as things progress.
I'm finding it so hard to believe that it's almost the middle of June. Time just goes so quickly. Cliche, I know, but it's so true. This morning I was feeling stressed to the max running around like a mad woman, as usual. I finally forced myself to stop for a moment - just to look around. You know what? It worked. I took five minutes to take some deep breaths and think about nothing significant. When my time was up, I felt as though I had a handle on things again. It's amazing what a few minutes can do to a person's perspective. Here's to peaceful moments. . .

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