Momma's Melt Down

I always drop Murray off at daycare a few minutes early so that I have time to spend with him in his room instead of running out the door. This morning I set him down in a Boppy pillow to play with a mobile. He was sitting up all by himself while I filled out his sheet, until suddenly, he tipped over on his side and bonked his head on the floor (the floor is carpeted, but it's berber, so it's pretty hard). I almost fainted - the sound of his head hitting the floor sounded like an atom bomb to me. I was convinced he had brain damage and I was wondering why no one was rushing to call 911. Murray was screaming and I was sobbing. It was not a pretty sight. His wonderful teachers assured me that this happens to many babies in their room, and though it may have hurt, did not cause permanent damage. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it was, but this is the first time he has ever had an "owie", and it was my fault because I should have put pillows on both sides of him. They calmed us both down, and by the time I left, he was smiling and laughing (though I still had tears rolling down my cheeks). I think the worst feeling in the whole world is when your child is in pain (especially when it could have been avoided). I realize that we can't put them in a bubble, but it sure is tough to see them sad.

I went to visit my friend Michelle last night in her new apartment. She moved into an eclectic building downtown with her beau, and their place is great! I felt like I was in the big city. . .they have great views and super access to downtown shopping and entertainment. I love it!

I have an appointment on Tuesday with a Naturopathic doctor here in Moorhead (thanks for the tip, Katie). I was going to take the natural approach to my pain anyway, so some extra guidance from a pro will be very helpful. I'm really looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

I'm off to pick up Murray and snuggle him to pieces.

P.S. Stay tuned for one of Murray's 6 month pro shots, courtesy of Jennifer Peters Photography.

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