Last night was the FINAL night of home repair. I swear, if we do one more thing to that house, I'm taking it off the market and living in it forever. I have been promised that we won't do anymore - which is probably wise, or I will lose my patience. At the rate we're going, we may as well gut it and start over. That's all I will say about that here, or I might say something not very nice.

Between the house and the bleepity bleep bleep camping trip, I am not in a very good mood today. SERIOUSLY. I'm half thinking of taking Murray with us because I don't want to be away from him, but a seven month old going camping is a potential disaster. Let's just say that I will be very glad when Sunday rolls around and this is all over. I will shut up about how much I don't want to go but I don't have to like it. I will try to be a good sport, but it may take a lot of booze.


Kirk said...

You crack me up! Try to enjoy your trip!! Seriously just relax and pretend you are at the LAKE!!!

Marie said...

Sigh. I know. I'm getting over it and will be a good sport for Craig's sake. Have a great weekend!!