It finally popped. Murray's first tooth, that is. It's so cute. It's this tiny (but sharp) little white thing poking out of his bottom gum. This explains why daycare couldn't comfort him on Monday until they gave him some Tylenol. What a relief that the first one is over - now we know what to watch for. He is back to sleeping through the night again, which thrills us. I think the tooth was waking him. This morning he slept until 6:30, only when we checked on him at five, he had flipped to his tummy. When he woke up, he looked around as if to say, "how the heck did I end up here?"

Craig has to head out of town again today, but at least he'll be back tonight. Tomorrow we are heading to the lake and are looking forward to relaxing, even if the weather is miserable. After all of the work we've done on the house (I have more to finish tonight) we are ready for a break. Craig still has to paint the front eaves on Sunday afternoon, but that shouldn't take too long. We are both afraid of heights, but since his life insurance policy is bigger than mine, he gets the task (I am just kidding).

Let's hope the weather holds out. We all deserve summer!

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