Star Sightings (if you can call him a star)

Last night, Michelle and I met at Speak for happy hour (it's been a busy week). When we chose the location of our "date", it slipped my mind that OJ Simpson was going to be hob-knobbing at the Speak Easy. Lisa had mentioned it when we were at her house on Wednesday, but swore me to secrecy, so I kind of just put it out of my mind (either that or my dementia is kicking in again). Sure enough, he showed, security and all. We were on the patio when he arrived, and we settled in to watch the drama unfold. It was more fun to watch the reaction of the people around us than it was to actually see him. Word traveled pretty quickly, because everyone else on the patio suddenly had to go to the bathroom. Two by two, they trickeled into the bar, cell phones at the ready. He eventually did come out to the patio and was very friendly - shaking hands, posing for pictures, visiting with people. We did not talk to him. There was one point that I did consider saying hello, but what the heck do you say to a guy like that? Hey, did you do it? How's your latest trial going? You're my hero? I don't think so. Anyway, it was quite the experience to be in the presence of a football star/acquitted murderer/wife beater/thief.

Tonight we have wedding, tomorrow a burial, and Sunday an open house. It looks to be a busy weekend.

Addendum to my post from yesterday: Michelle, who is all knowing about all things germs, because she is a health inspector, assured my that the absolute best product for keeping surfaces sanitized is still bleach. She convinced me that I can use all natural products for some things, but I must continue to use bleach or ammonia in the bathrooms and kitchen. I feel better about this, because I just didn't think I could sacrifice sanitation, and I am such a germaphobic. There is definately a happy medium here.

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