Laughter - The Best Medicine

In effort to lighten the mood, I've decided to post some funny clips of Murray. In the first one, he was playing with the ball popper, and as soon as he would press the button, he would look straight down the tube and get bonked in the head with the plastic balls. Time and time again. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to catch it...but you'll get the idea.

Below is Murray playing in the dog food bucket. He snuck over there when we weren't looking and we heard a digging sound. Thinking it was the cat, I peeked around the corner to investigate. Guess who the culprit was?

The next video is of Murray and Craig playing in a "tent" that Craig built. It was fun for a moment, but then it was on to other things!

Please ignore the mess in the background. Because we have a lot of our basement things on the main level, we are rather crowded! :)

Happy Friday!


Momma tackles 3 said...

Completely lighten the mood thank you!!!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, isn't it so funny when they begin to have minds of their own? I find that phase of parenting fascinating, and sometimes frustrating, but mostly very cool. :)