Sixteen Months and Counting

I am happy to report that Murray's check up went very well. Dr. G. said that he looks great, and isn't concerned about his speech. We felt as though he should be using more words, but after consulting with the doctor, we were relieved to discover that he is right on track. Eight to ten words at 16 months is what they look for, and he speaks 10 that we can understand. These words, of course are in toddler tongue, so the word "thank you" comes out sounding more like "shank oooo" and "up" sounds like "bap". He did lose a bit of weight which came as a huge surprise. He eats us out of house and home! Apparently, weight loss at this age is normal too because he is so active.

I was able to speak with my Uncle Pat last night. We had a wonderful conversation; he is finishing up making arrangements in Moorhead and will head back to Denver to be with Flynn and Sue this weekend. Speaking of Flynn, I forgot to post that she arrived safely at Craig hospital (who treated Christopher Reeves) on Tuesday. She has a lot of hard work ahead, but we are all happy that she can begin working on those goals. Thanks again for your continued prayers.

Have a blessed Holy week.

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