Palm Sunday

We have had a wonderful day. We went to Mass at 8:30 with the Lovejoy's. Hearing "The Passion" again was such a wonderful feeling. Things are coming together - faith wise - but it it still presents challenges. I'm learning and growing with Him constantly. Murray and Mariana had very much fun with the psalms - when we allowed them to play with them. :)

After church, we went to brunch at Granite City. I am a person who is not fond of buffets, but this one is fantastic. We returned home and took a family nap. When we woke, it was time to greet Craig's cousin, Chad, who is a marine. He recently returned from his third deployment. It was so much fun to see the family.

While we are at the American Legion (to see Chad), we "lost" our baby and found a new one. What I mean is, our normally shy guy, clingy, stranger danger baby was replaced by an absolute ham. He was playing and giggling with people he's never met and giving his cousin grief. This is a big relief!

Craig is roasting ribs for dinner and then I think we'll take a short walk. Murray's new favorite thing is to walk up and down the sidewalk.

Have a Blessed Sunday.

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